How to get the War Bus in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

Brianna Reeves
fortnite war bus

The War Bus is officially live in Fortnite courtesy of the Chapter 5 Season 3 update. Here’s how to hijack one in-game.

A drivable Armored Battle Bus previously joined Fortnite in Chapter 3, spawning in with lethal tools like a Cow Catcher and Anti-Vehicle Turret.

Chapter 5’s third season has reintroduced it as a War Bus, of which there are two on the massive Island during any given match.

Players who stake their claim on the armored ride will have little trouble dominating the battlefield, especially given the bus’ rigged weapons.

Where to find the War Bus

Because new NPCs called Patrollers constantly drive the War Bus around the map, it’ll never remain in a single location. Players hoping to take one over must track them down as a result. But this should prove a simple task since Fortnite’s War Bus will appear on the map as a gold icon.

fortnite war bus

The map will also display a couple of other gold icons to identify Boss NPCs. These icons will never leave their designated posts during a match, so ignore them when looking for the War Bus.

How to hijack the War Bus

Taking control of the War Bus won’t always be a walk in the park. For one, the Patrollers will stop at nothing to protect their vehicles, though taking them down shouldn’t prove too much of a hassle.

In addition, players may find themselves having to face off against a Boss NPC in a souped-up car riding ahead of the bus. These foes can be tough to manage in one-on-one skirmishes, so having the best weapons at the ready is ideal.

However, it’s also possible to avoid the Boss in these scenarios by making a run for the War Bus when they’re reloading or strafing around the area. From there, hijacking the bus is as easy as approaching the door and entering it just as one would any other Fortnite vehicle.

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