Fortnite Battle Bus driver’s identity may have been revealed by the community

Daniel Appleford
fortnite battle bus universal studios

The Fortnite community believes they have finally discovered the identity of the Battle Bus driver from an unexpected source. 

Fortnite’s lore can sometimes be confusing, but Epic Games has done its best to make it cohesive across the different universes.

The Fortnite lore originally commenced with Save the World, often overlooked as the zombies-like survival mode within the Fortnite world. 

Save the World features characters not found in Fortnite Battle Royale, like Lars, whom players speculate could be the actual Battle Bus driver.

One Redditor took to the platform to start the conversation surrounding who may be the Battle Bus driver or if there even was one at all.

“Will there ever be a revealing of who drives the Battle Bus? Possible end game content if that’s ever a thing? Is there any lore surrounding this topic?” asked the original poster.

Multiple comments beneath the post featured quotes from Lars, with some commenters believing that these quotes offer evidence indicating that he could be the unidentified driver.

“Fill er up if you’d be so kind.”

“Need to get back up in those clouds.”

“Find and deploy the atlas.”

Fortnite has provided scant confirmation regarding what is considered canon in its universe, including which characters from Save the World have transitioned to the Battle Royale mode. 

Despite frequent discussions about the bus driver’s identity, the truth behind who is truly behind the wheel may remain elusive.