Fortnite update 17.50 patch notes: Sludgy Swamp, Doja Cat crossover, Island Games quests

. 10 months ago
Fortnite 17.50 patch notes
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Fortnite v17.50 is here, and it’s expected to be a big one as it’s the final update before Chapter 2 Season 7 eventually comes to a close in September. Here are the patch notes.

Season 7 of Fortnite has been one of the best in recent memory, with plenty of exciting additions like the Mothership mini-game, an Ariana Grande concert, and the long-awaited arrival of DC Comics icon Superman to keep things fresh.

But now we’re just two weeks away from Season 8’s debut, and that means there’s time for one final update to keep players busy in the final stretch and add all of the files needed for a big finale event to round out the alien storyline!

Below, you’ll find everything we know about the v17.50 update so far, including the new Island Games quests, another Doja Cat emote, and plenty of bug fixes to make sure things run smoothly in the build-up to Season 7’s finale.


Fortnite update 17.50 downtime details

Downtime for Fortnite update v17.50 began on Tuesday, August 30, 2021, at 1AM PDT / 4AM EDT / 9AM BST / 10AM CEST.

Based on previous updates this season, downtime could last anywhere from an hour to two hours, depending on the amount of content that gets added.


Fortnite update 17.50 patch notes

Fortnite Crew Legacy Set

A new reward for Fortnite Crew members has arrived! Subscribers will automatically be given the progressive Legacy Set starting from today, which kicks off with the Protocol Pack Back Bling.

Players who stay subscribed to Fortnite Crew will unlock new forms for the Back Bling over the next three months, at which point they’ll also be rewarded with the Zen Axe Pickaxe.

Fortnite Crew Legacy Set

Island Games quests & free rewards

A new set of quests known as the Island Games have been released in Fortnite as part of the v17.50 update.

These quests mostly revolve around modes like Red vs Blue Rumble and Prison Breakout, and they offer up some sweet rewards like the Qwerty pickaxe and Wavebreaker wrap.

Slurpy Swamp is now Sludgy Swamp

After the Slurp factory at Slurpy Swamp was abducted by the alien invaders earlier in Season 7, the famous POI has now been renamed Sludgy Swamp.

Season 7 finale event

We don’t have many details about the upcoming Season 7 finale event yet, but the v17.50 update should add all of the files needed for it to take place.

A countdown is expected to appear on Friday, September 3, similar to the previous Rift Tour countdown. The event will likely bring the battle between the Imagined Order and the alien invaders to an end.

Fortnite countdown timer

Corny Complex will be abducted

Recent weeks have seen both Coral Castle and Slurpy Swamp get abducted by aliens in their battle with the Imagined Order, and leakers have teased that Corny Complex will be the final POI to join them.

It makes sense, considering the Imagined Order’s base is hidden underneath Corny Complex. It’s likely that this abduction, expected to take place in the next two weeks, will be the catalyst for the Season 7 finale.

Fortnite Corny Complex

Kevin the Cube returns?

Throughout Season 7, there have been loads of teasers from both devs and prominent leakers about the return of Kevin the Cube, the mysterious object that caused havoc on the Island back in Season X.

We’ll have to wait and see when Kevin the Cube will make its long-awaited return, but it will likely have something to do with the Season 7 finale. If not then, we can expect to see it at the beginning of Season 8.

Fortnite Kevin the Cube

Burning Wolf Fortnite Crew Pack

The next Crew Pack-exclusive skin, Burning Wolf, and its matching cosmetics will be available to claim for Fortnite Crew subscribers from Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

This is the first of three skins that will appear in the First Shadows Set over the next few months.

Fortnite Crew The Burning Wolf September rewards

Doja Cat ‘Roller Vibes’ crossover

After bringing the ‘Say So’ dance to Fortnite, another Doja Cat emote called Roller Vibes has been leaked in the v17.50 update.

This one is a roller-skating traversal emote that features the song ‘Kiss Me More’ by Doja Cat and SZA. It’s sure to be another popular addition that you’ll be hearing in lobbies for months to come.

Fortnite update 17.50 bug fixes

Alongside the new features listed above, Epic Games will also be fixing a number of bugs in v17.50 to help improve the overall gameplay experience. You can see these bug fixes below:

Battle Royale Issues

  • Losing item functionality after swapping from Prop-ifier to Consumable.

Creative Issues

  • Adding the Skydome Device to the hotbar resets the island visually.
  • Players are ejected from vehicles in shallow water.
  • Android Players are unable to use color picker to change color.

Save The World Issues

  • SGT Tank Gatling’s perk Bouncy Shield is no longer triggering.
  • Inaccurate description of Goin’ Constructor in game.

That’s everything you need to know about v17.50! With just weeks until Season 8 kicks off, make sure you keep an eye on our dedicated Fortnite page for the latest news, guides, and leaks.

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