Fortnite Rift Tour event countdown: What is coming at the end of the Season 7 timer?

Fortnite Season 7 countdown timerEpic Games

A mysterious new countdown timer has appeared in the lobby of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, but what does it mean? Well, we finally have an answer: It’s the Rift Tour!

On July 27, Epic Games shipped a mini update known as v17.21. Usually, these updates are just hotfixes that add small features to the game, but players had to endure some downtime for this one, which seemed suspicious: Something big was in the works.

Well, it turns out that ‘something’ is an ominous countdown that’s appeared in the Fortnite lobby. Many players have been left speculating what it means, and now we finally know that it’s leading up to a live event called the Rift Tour.

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Here’s everything we know about the Fortnite Season 7 countdown so far, including that long-rumored Ariana Grande concert and what could happen during the Rift Tour event.

What is the Fortnite Season 7 countdown for?

Fortnite countdown timerEpic Games
The timer is counting down to… something.

We now know that the countdown in Fortnite is leading up to the Rift Tour. This is the first live event that’s taken place in the game in months, so there’s plenty of hype and more than a few theories about what could happen.

Our biggest guess right now is that there will be a full-scale alien invasion during the event. So far in Season 7, players have had to deal with UFOs, alien parasites, and Mothership abductions. Now, things could be about to heat up even more.

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It’s been teased for a while that Coral Castle will be the first major location to be destroyed by the alien invaders in Fortnite Season 7, but it seems there could there actually be some widespread destruction across the whole map on the way.

Several reliable leakers including HYPEX have revealed that POIs including Slurpy Swamp, Coral Castle, and Corny Complex are all set to be “abducted in chunks” in the near future. Could this all happen during the Rift Tour? Seems likely.

Is an Ariana Grande concert happening in Fortnite?

Ariana Grande Fortnite concertEpic Games / Vevo
An Ariana Grande concert in Fortnite is finally happening.

One of the biggest rumors from the world of Fortnite over the past few months is that a virtual Ariana Grande concert is set to take place in the game. Epic have now confirmed that this will indeed happen!

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The pop superstar will appear as the musical guest during the Rift Tour, where she’ll perform songs as players take part in an interactive event. She’s also getting a skin with two different styles and matching cosmetics.

It’s also worth pointing out that Travis Scott debuted a brand new song during his Fortnite concert. Could Ariana do the same? We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Could Superman appear in the Rift Tour?

Fortnite SupermanEpic Games
Could Superman appear during the Rift Tour?

It was revealed at the start of Fortnite Season 7 that DC Comics icon Superman will eventually appear in the Battle Pass, and an in-game countdown has teased that it will happen on Thursday, August 12, 2021.

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Considering this is just a few days after the Rift Tour, it’s not entirely unreasonable to speculate that the Man of Steel could make an appearance during the event. Perhaps he’s got something to do with the alien invaders?

When does the Fortnite Season 7 countdown end?

The countdown timer in the Fortnite lobby is currently scheduled to expire on Friday, August 6, at 3PM PST / 6PM EST / 11PM BST. This means that the first Rift Tour event will kick off then.

There’s every chance that Epic could delay this end date, of course, but they’ve got plenty of time to make sure the event runs smoothly and to plan, so we’re expecting this countdown to stay on track.

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We’ll keep this article updated when new information emerges, so check back soon.