How to enter the Mothership in Fortnite and get high-tier loot

Epic Games

The mothership that’s been ominously floating above the Island since the launch of Fortnite Season 7 has finally opened, allowing players to enter and discover what’s inside.

There have been plenty of extraterrestrial-themed features for players to enjoy since the latest Invasion season arrived, including flyable UFOs, powerful new IO Tech weapons, and small map changes like the introduction of IO Bases.

But the Mothership that’s been looming over the map has so far remained sealed – until now. Following the v17.10 update, players will be able to enter the Mothership as a new POI on the map and discover everything that’s inside it.

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And trust us when we say you’ll want to see this. As well as plenty of powerful loot to be found, there are also some pretty epic throwbacks to the maps of previous seasons that will please longtime fans of the game.

How to get inside the Mothership in Fortnite

Fortnite Abduction MothershipEpic Games
You’ll need to be abducted to get inside the Mothership.

The only way to get inside the Mothership is to be abducted into it by a new kind of UFO called Abductors. These are bigger than the UFOs we’ve seen so far in Fortnite, and you won’t be able to fly them yourself.

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Here’s how to be abducted and enter the Mothership:

  1. Check the map for any UFO icons at the start of a match.
  2. Head towards one of these UFOs. They’re known as ‘Abductors’.
  3. Stand beneath it and wait for a beam of light to attach to you.
  4. Run around and eventually it will abduct you into the Mothership.

A helpful tip is that you can also land on top of the Abductor UFOs to find some chests and weapons, which will give you a head start. Once you’ve stocked up, you can glide safely down to the Island below.

As soon as you enter the Fortnite Mothership, you’ll be given a jetpack and the ‘experiment’ will begin.

How to collect more orbs and earn high-tier loot

Fortnite Mothership Collect OrbsEpic Games
You’ll have to collect orbs to earn high-tier loot in the Fortnite Mothership.

Once you’re inside the Mothership, you’ll have a limited time to explore your new surroundings and stock up on anything you need. There are orbs to collect, and the more you have, the better loot you can access.

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Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about health here. Any weapons you’ve collected so far will be temporarily taken away, and you’ll have a space gun that can send enemies flying – but it won’t be able to eliminate them.

The best method for collecting orbs is to watch where they’re going to land and head there before anyone else. A double jump provided by your jetpack will help. Collect timer orbs to give yourself more time to collect enough loot orbs.

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Once your time is up or you’ve collected enough orbs, you’ll be sent to a loot room where you can claim your rewards. The more orbs you collected, the better quality the loot. Get all five stars, and you’ll have Legendary weapons waiting for you.

What is inside the Mothership in Fortnite?

Fortnite Mothership interiorEpic Games
There are loads of old favortie landmarks in the Mothership.

The Mothership serves as a brand new POI for Fortnite Season 7. It has a lobby with purple neon lighting details, and it appears that the Zero Point is housed inside of it, meaning it wasn’t destroyed by the aliens.

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There’s also a loot room when you finish collecting orbs, which offers plenty of high-tier chests to stock up on powerful weapons before you descend back down to the Island.

But without a doubt, the most exciting part of this new POI is that it contains loads of old fan favorite landmarks that have left the map over recent seasons, including the Butter Barn and Lucky Landing.

Does this mean that every time a landmark has left the Fortnite map, it’s actually been abducted by aliens? Or is this just a fun nod to past seasons? Either way, it’s certainly a brilliant addition to the Season 7 map.

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