How to unlock Superman skin Fortnite: Shadow Superman variant, rewards, release date

Epic Games, DC Comics

The time has come for the last son of Krypton. Superman is finally flying into Fortnite, so, here’s how to unlock DC’s most iconic superhero. 

Teased over the last few months, Fortnite fans have been waiting patiently for Superman’s arrival. Initially thought to be dropping at the start of Season 7: Chapter 2, players were disappointed to learn that the Man of Steel was locked behind an in-game timer.

Since then, Fortnite has seen its share of DC heroes and villains battle across the island. Recently characters from James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad joined the battle. 

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However, nothing can quite match up the GOAT himself.

Fortnite Batman comicsEpic Games / DC Comics
Fortnite has had plenty of DC crossovers already.

How to unlock Superman in Fortnite

Arriving earlier than expected, Superman will be available in Fortnite on Tuesday, August 10 at 10 AM EST/3 PM BST. It isn’t clear whether Superman can be bought via the in-game store, but we do know players will need to complete NPC given tasks to gather their cosmetic packs together.

 Among those NPC’s will be some interesting DC alumni such as the intimidating Armoured Batman situated at Dirty Docks. Beast Boy of the Teen Titans can also be found in Weeping Woods. Lastly, none other than Clark Kent himself can be located at The Orchard. By completing the various tasks these NPC’s have to offer, you’ll be well on your way to wearing the symbol of the House of El on your chest.

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Fans will need to complete a total of 10 tasks, which will grant access to the early stages of Superman’s cosmetics. Following that, players will need to be patient as more Epic Quests are released into the game. To begin your journey to Superman glory, you’ll first need to look into unlocking Clark Kent. This can be done via the following quests:

  • Take damage from a player and survive (Beast Boy)
  • Defeat Aliens (Armoured Batman, Beast Boy, and Clark Kent)
  • Reach speed 99 in a vehicle (Beast Boy)
  • Use a Launchpad (Armoured Batman)
  • Visit three Different Named Locations (Clark Kent)
  • Visit the Mothership or an Alien Biome (Clark Kent)
  • Fly a Saucer (Armoured Batman)

The first reward to be earned is the Call to Action Emoticon. After three NPC quests, the Shield Spray will then be available. With five quests in the bag, Clark Kent will then unlock in-game. The next set of quests will then be from Kal-El’s humble alter ego, Clark Kent. Players will need to equip the Clark Kent skin to complete the following:

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  • Glide through rings as Clark Kent (5): The Daily Planet Back Bling
  • Use a Phone Booth as Clark Kent (1): Secret Identity Emote, Superman’s Cape Back Bling, and the Clark Kent (Superman) outfit
  • Complete Epic Quests (63): Kal-El’s Cape Back Bling
  • Complete Epic Quests (68): Banner Icon
  • Complete Epic Quests (73): The Last Son of Krypton Loading Screen
  • Complete Epic Quests (78): Solitude Striker Pickaxe
Epic Games, DC Comics
Superman’s arrival has been hotly anticipated.

What is Shadow Superman?

For the most part, Epic Games have been using the New 52 comic canon as the inspiration for their DC skins. With the exception of a few movie tie-ins, this tradition seems to be returning with Superman’s inclusion in Fortnite. Having recently debuted for the first time cinematically in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, players can earn the Shadow Superman variant in-game alongside the classic Superman look.

Based on The Death of Superman storyline, this all-black version of Superman’s costume granted him stronger regenerative qualities after emerging from death. The Shadow Superman skin won’t have any extra gameplay benefits, but will definitely look incredible to use in-game.

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To get this legendary costume, you’ll need to complete this Epic Quest:

  • Complete Epic Quests (84): Clark Kent (Shadow) outfit, Superman’s Cape (Shadow) Back Bling, The Daily Planet (The Late Edition) Back Bling, Solitude Striker (Shadow), and Kal-El’s Cape (Shadow) Back Bling.
Epic Games, DC Comics
This slick makeover is sure to win over fans.

There isn’t a specific date for this quest yet, but rest assured it will debut quickly as Epic Games continues to update their weekly challenges. 

Plus, there will be plenty of time to complete any missed Epic Quests given the new Fortnite season is weeks away.