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Fortnite teasing new Predator crossover at Stealthy Stronghold

Published: 7/Dec/2020 0:44 Updated: 7/Dec/2020 13:27

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Fortnite is no stranger to crossovers, and recent hints and leaks have suggested the next one could see The Predator crash-land and hunt for prey in Stealthy Stronghold.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 ended the Fortnite x Marvel crossover, for the time being. However, more crossovers have already begun, including ones with The Mandalorian and God of War. 

But that’s not all—teasers and leaks hinting towards other crossovers keeping popping up left, right, and center. First, signs pointed towards a potential crossover with G.I Joe. Then, a crossover with Halo leaked and was more or less confirmed.

Now, people have found evidence that another interesting crossover is in the cards, and it could happen soon. Fortnite players might cross paths with an imposing alien warrior from another world, Predator.


Fortnite x Predator Crossover
Epic Games / Disney
Fortnite and The Mandalorian have crossed paths in Chapter 2 Season 5.

A crossover between Fortnite and Predator has been hinted at both in-game and in leaked files. It all revolves around Stealthy Stronghold; a new POI introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5.

The first batch of evidence is something players can see for themselves. Stealthy Stronghold includes three references to the movie, including an actual logo of the Predator.

“Fortnite is teasing a PREDATOR collab in Stealthy Stronghold,” said T5G. “Check this out. Truck being used as a generator (in the Predator movie) plus the crashed helicopter and the LOGO of the predator locking onto something all in the same POI.”


The second piece of evidence popped up in an official post on social media. “Listen to the Jones’ tapes at 10 seconds,” said T5G.

“He conveniently says “Predators,” and then you hear a roar that sounds identical to predators,” they added.

If that wasn’t enough, a leaker named FortTory also discovered some files that add even more evidence to the claims. “There are files referencing to a possible boss at Stealthy Strongholds,” he said.

So whoever could this possible boss be?” he added. “The Predator as some people theorize or someone else?

All in all, the evidence is damning, and it seems like a Fortnite x Predator crossover is imminent. But nothing is official until it’s confirmed. For all we know, it might not make it into the game.


Still, it’s an exciting prospect that is generating lots of hype. Time will whether it all comes to fruition, but the signs are all there.