Game-breaking Fortnite bug lets you stay in storm forever for free wins

Fornite Season 5 Zero Point With LogoEpic Games

Another game-breaking glitch has appeared in Fortnite Season 5, allowing players to stay alive in the storm by abusing the Zero Point’s healing abilities.

With the release of Fortnite’s new Chapter 2 Season 5, developer Epic Games updated the Zero Point landmark and nearby portion of the map after players defeated Galactus in the lead-up to the Season 5 release.

The Zero Point provides players with a revamped location to drop into, and also has healing abilities they can use if they close enough to the orb when taking damage.

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While the healing mechanic is intended, some players discovered a way to abuse the Zero Point and secure Victory Royales without firing a single shot.

Fornite Season 5 CharactersEpic Games
Another game-breaking glitch has been discovered in Fortnite Season 5.

Season 5 Zero Point Glitch

On December 5, user ‘u/Silv3erz’ exposed this new game-breaking glitch in a post on the Fortnite subreddit.

u/Silv3erz shared a clip showing a player taking damage from the storm. After the player is knocked and eliminated, their teammate jumps into the Zero Point and is healed. After healing they are shot out and fall to the ground, then repeat the process another time.

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“There goes one,” the player shouts as an opponent’s name pops up in the elimination feed. A few seconds later, the last enemy player is eliminated and the Victory Royale notification appears. The player using the glitch to survive shouts “Let’s f**king go!” and then both teammates start laughing.

While the Zero Point’s healing abilities are intended, a glitch that allows players to stay alive in the storm forever is not something Epic wants in their game.

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Chapter 2 Season 5 has already introduced several new bugs, like a glitch where players could turn invisible or gain infinite health by abusing the game’s quicksand. “We broke FORTNITE SEASON 5 AGAIN” read one reply to u/Silv3erz’s post.

At the time of writing, this glitch has not been added to the official Trello Board where Epic tracks issues they are working on. While they might not be aware of it yet, the developer will probably pick up on the problem soon enough and correct it.

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Until the issue is resolved, players should watch out for teams abusing this exploit to stay alive in the storm. Any glitch that lets players cheat death is quite serious, and once Epic is aware of the issue it will probably be a priority fix.

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