Classic Fortnite weapons back in Season OG: Assault Rifle, OG Pump & more

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite OG Hand Cannon

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG will reintroduce the Chapter 1 island and bring back iconic Fortnite weapons. From the Assault Rifle to the OG Pump and beyond, here’s what has been confirmed up to this point.

Fortnite‘s upcoming season will feature Epic Games’ most anticipated update, which has stunned the entire player community by sending them back in time to Chapter 1 island. Using Kado Thorne’s time machine, the recently unveiled Chapter 4 Season OG will transport players to the island from Chapter 1 Season 5 for a nostalgia trip.

Additionally, there are rumors that classic vehicles and items, such as Ballers, Shopping Carts, and Traps, which were included in the most recent Fortnite teaser, will return. Furthermore, the forthcoming Season OG map will resemble the Chapter 1 Season 5 island. This will include the return of iconic POIs such as Tilted Towers, Retail Row and much more.

In addition to these noteworthy additions, the game will also feature classic iterations of certain OG Fortnite weapons, including the OG Pump Shotgun and Assault Rifle. Here are all the classic weapons teased so far to appear in Fortnite Season OG.

Fortnite Season OG to bring back classic weapons to the game

The upcoming Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG appears to bring back Chapter 1 weapons to the game, as seen in recent teasers released on social media.

Multiple leaks indicate that the renowned Chapter 1 loot pool will reappear for the upcoming season. The OG Pump Shotgun and the iconic Assault Rifle (Scar) will be among them. Aside from those, the following are all the weapons that will be available in Fortnite Season OG:

  • Tactical Shotgun
  • Light Machine Gun
  • Quad Launcher
  • Hand Cannon
  • Hunting Rifle
  • Heavy Assault Rifle
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Jetpack
  • Chug Splash
  • Mounted Turret
  • Spike Trap

Although the aforementioned weapons may be traceable back to Chapter 1 Season 5, rumors suggest that they will retain their previous iterations as opposed to the revised appearance seen in Chapter 2. More information, however, will be disclosed when Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG releases on November 3.

In the meantime, check out our early patch notes for more info on what’s to come.

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