How to complete The Dark Inside Trial in FFXIV Endwalker: All encounters, bosses, & how to start

FFXIV screenshot showing the Dark Inside TrialSquare Enix

FFXIV’s trials will test even veteran players. Here’s how to complete the Dark Inside Trial in Final Fantasy 14’s Endwalker expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker follows the adventures of the Warrior of Light through the apocalyptic event known as The Final Days, the conclusion of a story arc that began in A Realm Reborn.

After arriving on the moon and failing to contain Zodiark, Fandaniel jumps into the cage of the unholy Primal, fusing with him and taking the form of the Eternal Darkness. Now it’s in your hands to defeat this vicious creature, and we’re here to help you with that.

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Here’s how to complete the Dark Inside trial in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker.


FFXIV screenshot showing the Dark Inside TrialSquare Enix
Can you complete the Dark Inside trial?

FFXIV The Dark Inside: How To Unlock

To unlock this dungeon, you must complete the following Main Scenario Quest:

The Martyr

  • Quest Giver: Lustrous Dog
  • Location: Mare Lamentorum (25.2, 30.8)
  • Level: 83

The Dark Inside Trial Fight – Eternal Darkness: Zodiark

FFXIV screenshot showing the Dark Inside TrialSquare Enix
Be prepared for varied attacks from Zodiark.

As a general note, any party member can fall off the arena where this fight happens, so try to stay as much close to the center as you can.

Phase 1

Zodiark will use the following moves in battle:

  • Kokytos: Zodiark will use this attack first taking the HP of the entire party down to 1, so healers need to be fast at recovering the whole party HP.
  • Exoterikos: Zodiark shoots a beam at the side of the arena, where a triangle or square will soon appear. When the triangle shows up, a cone AoE will be shot through the arena, and you must move to the sides to avoid. If the square appears instead, half the arena will be hit by this attack, so move to the opposite side to successfully avoid.
  • Ania: This is a Tankbuster attack, which means it’ll target the Tank of the party and they must take it alone, as any other Role Class near will likely die.
  • Styx: One of the party members will receive a stack marker and you must group together to mitigate damage when it drops. However, in this case, there are several differences from any other stack marker. First, the marker will continuously explode inflicting very heavy damage. Not only the entire group must stack and remain like that for as long as the stack explodes, but also the healers must maintain healing and regen skills, and everyone else should mitigate damage using any mitigation tool their class possesses.
  • Paradeigma: Summons one of two creatures, either Behemoths or Snakes.
  • Behemoths: These creatures spawn in pairs, and they summon an AoE circle that covers a quadrant in the arena. Move to the safe zones to successfully avoid it.
  • Snakes: These creatures will spawn a pair of line AoEs across the arena, each taking up a quadrant. You must move to the safe zone on either side of the snakes.
  • Adikia: Two huge fists will hit the lateral sides of the arena, spawning two circle AoEs that meet in the center. Move to either north or south of the arena to successfully avoid.
  • Phlegeton: Three waves of AoEs will spawn under the party members, so keep moving to successfully avoid them.
  • Complete Control: Zodiark will transform, which starts the next phase.

Phase 2

FFXIV screenshot showing the Dark Inside Trial

Be sure to read our list of possible attacks before rushing in.During this Phase, Zodiark will use attacks from Phase 1, and the following new moves:

  • Astral Flow: This attack will be used usually after Paradeigma, but it’ll finish casting before those AoEs explode. When the cast finishes, the entire arena will turn 90 degrees either left or right, indicated by arrows. However, party members will be held in place, so you need to quickly move before the stage rotates. 
  • Triple Esoteric Ray: Three lasers will spawn and immediately shoot in succession across the field, either the left and right ones first and then the center laser fires, or vice versa. To successfully avoid, quickly move to the safe zones after the first laser shoots.
  • Algedon: Zodiark makes a wide attack across the arena, pushing anyone hit to instant death. To successfully avoid, pay close attention to Zodiark’s movements, and when you see him going to a corner, move out of its line of attack.
  • Astral Eclipse: Zodiark will move in a counter-clockwise direction outside the arena, after which it will summon meteors to hit. To successfully avoid, pay attention to the pattern of stars in the sky above the arena, which will indicate where the meteors will hit.
  • Trimorphos Exoterikos: Zodiark will spawn 3 Exoterikos attacks in sequence, one on each of the 3 sides of the platform at random. To successfully avoid, move fast into a safe zone after the first attack hits.

This article was written by Santi Leguiza.

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