FFXIV: Top 10 rarest mounts & how to get them

Liam Ho
A player riding a Chocobo in FFXIV.

Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV allow Warriors of Light to move from one place to another quickly. But it’s also for completionists and achievement hunters, so here’s every rare mount and how to get them.

Final Fantasy XIV has a wealth of mounts, minions, and other items to collect. With the huge MMORPG being over 10 years old, completionists and achievement hunters have their work cut out for them.

Fortunately, we’ve got a list for you to help lighten the load, here’s the rarest mounts in Final Fantasy XIV, and how to get them.

10. Gilded Mikoshi

FFXIV Gold MIkoshi Mount

The Gold Mikoshi is for some of the richest players in Final Fantasy XIV. Highlighting the Namazu from the Stormblood expansion, the mount can only be purchased for 50 million gil at a vendor in Mor Dhona. With a hefty price tag attached, it’s no wonder a mount like this is so rare, but for those who can afford it, it’s no doubt you’ll be able to flex your Gillionaire status on others.

9. Apocryphal Bahamut

Apocryphal Bahamut FFXIV

The Apocryphal Bahamut mount is gained by those willing to grind out the extreme trials for the Endwalker expansion. The devs include a special combined mount for every expansion, that can only be unlocked if the player has gathered every other mount from the extreme trials. From there they can unlock a quest that’ll eventually net them an extremely rare and flashy mount.

Since Endwalker’s final trial was only released a short while ago, it makes sense as to why not many players would have it. But it’s likely that this mount will become less rare as time goes on, with many Warriors of Light farming the extreme trials for the mounts.

8. Pinky

Pinky in FFXIV

This mount is for all the treasure seekers in Final Fantasy XIV. Pinky can only be obtained via completing treasure maps and can be cashed in for three Exciting Tonics. These tonics are indeed exciting, as they’re a pretty rare drop from treasure map portals that are worth a fair chunk of Gil.

You can choose to sell these tonics to other players so that they can complete their collection, or hold onto it so you can grab Pinky for yourself when you collect three.

7. Magitek Avenger G1

Magitek Avenger G1

This is another mount for those Gillionaires who like strutting their stuff. Like the Golden Mikoshi, the Magitek Avenger G1 is for only the wealthiest Warriors of Light. Cough up 50 million gil to Edelina in Mor Dhona, and you can pick up this sweet-looking golden gorilla machine, who’ll hold you in his paw and make all your friends jealous.

6. Centurio Tiger

Centurio Tiger in FFXIV

The Centurio Tiger can only be obtained via the achievement “You Got Game”. This means no amount of Gil can save you from grinding out the Hunts related to this mount. In order to grab this ferocious feline, you’ll need to defeat 3,000 A-rank hunt marks and 2,000 S-rank hunt marks.

There’s no restriction on where these marks need to be defeated, however, meaning it’s a little more accessible than some of the other mounts on this list.

5. Wivre

Wivre in FFXIV

The Wivre is easily one of the toughest mounts to obtain in all of Final Fantasy XIV. Purchased for 500 Bicolour Gemstone Vouchers, it takes ages to grind it out. Not only do you need to hit the maximum Shared Fate reputation in all of the Endwalker zones by completing FATEs, but you then have to trade in 100 Bicolour Gemstones for just 1 Bicolour Gemstone voucher. Grab 500 of those and you’ve got yourself a sick mount.

You can purchase Bicolour Gemstone Vouchers from other players if you want but expect a hefty fee due to the time investment. Otherwise, get ready to complete around 360 FATEs.

4. Astrope

Astrope in FFXIV

The Astrope is one of the oldest mounts in Final Fantasy XIV. Collected by completing 2,000 Duty Roulette: Mentor activities, it’s reasonable to see why the gilded unicorn is just so rare. In order to unlock Mentor roulette, you’ll need to have completed all of the MSQ, completed 1,000 instanced duties, and received 1,500 player commendations, meaning there’s a grind before the actual mount grind.

Then completing 2,000 Duty Roulette: Mentor activities are bound to take plenty of time, as you can get anything as simple as a guildhest, all the way up to extreme trials.

3. Pteranodon

Pteranodon FFXIV

This mount is for all those gatherers and crafters out there. Grabbing the Pteranodon is no joke when it comes to testing your Disciple of Hand and Land skills. You’ll need to grab 500,000 points toward your Skyward Score for every gathered and crafter job in the Ishgard Restoration.

With eight different crafter and gatherer jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, a whopping four million points are needed across the board. Estimates suggest that it could take upwards of a week of real time just to earn the mount, making it truly a privilege reserve for the most talented Warriors of Light.

2. Triceratops

Triceratops in FFXIV

Another Hunt-related mount in FFXIV, the Triceratops is only for those dedicated to taking down the most notorious open-world monsters. Obtained by completing the “Nuts for Nutsy” achievement, players have to take down 2,000 A-rank Hunt Marks and 1,000 S-rank Hunt Marks in Shadowbringers regions to achieve this mount.

With only a limited amount of A-rank and S-rank Hunt Marks in the Shadowbringers zones, it’ll take a fair amount of grinding and patience to pick up the mount, but those who endure are rewarded with this neat new mount.

1. Victor

Victor in FFXIV

Like the Triceratops, Victor is a mount that can only be earned by completing hunts in Final Fantasy XIV. By completing the “Endgame Hunter” achievement, Warriors of Light can get their hands on this fancy Garlean-inspired puppy. This requires 2,000 A-rank Hunt Marks and 1,000 S-rank Hunt Marks in Endwalker zones.

It makes sense why this precocious pup would take the top slot on our list, as Endwalker is the most recent expansion, giving players the least amount of time to take down those notorious hunt marks.

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