Does FIFA 22 have crossplay? PS4, PS5, Xbox & PC

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Despite FIFA 22 being the latest outing for the franchise and now starting to fully harness the power of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, does it finally bring with it crossplay to Ultimate Team and its other online modes?

FIFA 22 is the first game in the series that is truly built around Sony and Microsoft’s newest hardware — the PS5 and Xbox Series X. FIFA 21 received a next-gen version soon after the game’s initial launch, but it wasn’t as fully realized as FIFA 22 is.

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But fans were disappointed to find out that EA SPORTS didn’t plan on including crossplay between consoles, let alone across different console generations in the previous title. It’s something they’d asked for time and time again.

But what about this time around? Is EA’s FIFA 22 compatible with crossplay on all major formats now?


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Imagine doing this to a rival on another console.

Does FIFA 22 have crossplay on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC?

At present, FIFA 22 does not have any form of crossplay, nor does it appear like EA have any intention of adding it to this year’s iteration sadly.

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The game’s major modes: Division Rivals and FUT Champions are contested between players on the same format, e.g PS5 vs PS5. Based on EA’s stance in previous years, fans were never getting their hopes up too much for FIFA 22.

You’d have to think that since crossplay has been the norm in other games like Call of Duty for a while now, it seems like it should only be a matter of time before EA SPORTS introduces it to the FIFA series, let alone Madden NFL 22 and other sports titles.

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Crossplay for future FIFA titles

So, while it’s disappointing we still don’t have any idea whether FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and other online game modes will finally support crossplay, it seems that FIFA 23 will finally buck the trend and include crossplay.

Major FIFA leakers have said that Crossplay is being tested in FIFA 22 already with the full intention of incorporating it into FIFA 23.

Crossplay is picking up all the time, and other titles that EA are associated with, like Apex Legends, do feature crossplay. As we’ve said, crossplay is considered the norm now, and opening up the pool of FIFA players to a larger base would be good for the community.

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There’s no news yet on FIFA 23, but we imagine that if EA are going to add crossplay, it’ll be one of the first things they announce.

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