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Fortnite trick allows console players to practice against PC opposition

Published: 28/Sep/2018 15:14 Updated: 21/Dec/2021 17:46

by Bill Cooney


The big news from Playstation this week is that Fortnite will be one of the first games to test out cross platform play, but players using controller on console can get some practice in against PC players right now with one simple trick.

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All console players have to do is queue into game using keyboard and mouse and they will automatically be put into the PC matchmaking pool, according to the latest Fortnite Patch notes.

Players who get into the PC matchmaking queue can switch to a controller after they join the queue and play like they normally would.


However, players who join regular console matchmaking with a controller won’t have the ability to switch from their controller to mouse and keyboard mid match, and PC players using controllers will still be put in the PC queue.

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This means players who can’t wait to start trying out cross play can get some early practice in against PC players and start putting that “mouse and keyboard are superior to controller” myth to bed once and for all.

Previously, the only way for PS4 players to get into the PC matchmaking queue was by adding a PC user on their Epic Friends list and queuing up with them, but this new feature should allow PS4 players to now enter solo mode instead of just squads.


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Playstation’s cross play announcement was one of the biggest stories of the week, and now game developers are rushing to answer community questions about whether or not their games will support the feature.

Yesterday, a spokesperson for Activision said that they were leaving the door open for cross play on several of their titles, which inlcude Overwatch and the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which comes out on October 12.