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FIFA 22 ICON Swaps 2: Start date, objectives & rewards

Published: 11/Jan/2022 16:51

by Nathan Warby


FIFA 22 ICON Swaps 2 is on the horizon, giving players another batch of footballing legends to work towards. Here’s everything we know so far about the next lot of ICON Swaps, including the start date, the rewards on offer, and objectives that will need to be completed. 

With all the promotions and special cards that keep coming in FIFA 22, it says a lot that ICONs remain some of the most sought-after items in the entire game. Players are always hunting the likes of Pele and Ruud Gullit, both in regular packs and in the ICON SBCs EA like to drop.


The most reliable way to bag yourself one of these greats is with ICON Swaps. Here, fans complete a series of objectives in exchange for Tokens, which are then swapped for incredibly valuable rewards.

With the first lot of Swaps nearing its end, many FIFA 22 players are wondering when ICON Swaps 2 is due to release. Here’s all the information we know so far.


ICON Rooney in FIFA 22
Grinding Swaps Tokens lets players unlock top-rated ICONS.

FIFA 22 ICON Swaps 2 start date

Although there is still no official word from EA Sports about when ICON Swaps 2 is dropping, we’re expecting a Wednesday, February 9, 2022 release.

ICON Swaps 1 is due to end on February 7, and there is usually a couple of days to recharge between Swaps events. Plus, a Wednesday launch would line up with how this type of content has rolled out in the past.


We’ll update this section as and when EA announces ICON Swaps 2.

FIFA 22 ICON Swaps 2 rewards

The Swaps idea revolves around earning Tokens that can be submitted for increasingly valuable rewards. Much like with the first set, ICON Swaps 2 will have a mixture of ICON players and unique packs to unlock.

Around five Tokens can usually be exchanged for a lower-rated Base ICON, or you can save up all of your earnings for a top-tier Mid or Prime. Both Mid Rooney and Baby Del Piero were up for grabs last time.

If none of the legends on offer tickle your fancy, there will also be packs for you to try your luck on, like the 83+ x25 Pack that has proven popular in the past.


Unfortunately, we won’t know the full slate of rewards until they go live in-game, and it’s still too early for any leaks.

FIFA 22 ICON Swaps 1 rewards
Players can submit Tokens for players or packs.

FIFA 22 ICON Swaps 2 objectives

Once again, there’s no information available as of yet about how FIFA 22 players can earn Swaps Tokens this time around. Luckily, though, they do tend to follow a similar format.

We expect the objectives to be a mixture of online and offline challenges, with some requiring you to play FUT Friendlies and others taking place in Squad Battles. They usually revolve around winning games or scoring goals with a team consisting entirely of one type of player.


For example, ICON Swaps 1 objectives included scoring in 10 separate Friendlies matches with a Premier League team, and winning 6 Squad Battles with a silver team.

There you have it! That was everything we know about FIFA 22 ICON Swaps 2 up until this point. Be sure to check back here as the release date approaches for all the latest news.

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