Does XDefiant have crossplay and cross-progression?

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XDefiant is the latest first-person shooter to hit the market but does the game support cross-platform play for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC? Here’s everything you need to know.

Ubisoft’s most recent foray into the FPS genre is XDefiant, an action-packed shooter that debuted as the latest Call of Duty competitor. However, being a multiplayer game, does it have crossplay?

After all, playing with your friends no matter what platform they’re using is extremely fun. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about XDefiant’s cross-platform play for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC

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XDefiant is available to play on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Microsoft Windows.

Does XDefiant open beta have crossplay?

Yes, XDefiant open beta has full crossplay support between PlayStation 5, Xbox Series XlS, and PC. This means you and your friends will be able to queue up together irrespective of the platform you’re playing on.

However, players who are stuck with the previous-gen consoles, i.e., PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, will need to wait for the official launch to be able to play the game on last-gen consoles.

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