FIFA 22 Career Mode Training explained: All new drills, increase your player rating

Training in FIFA 22’s Career Mode has been overhauled to include a new and improved player growth system. Here’s everything you need to know on how to use it to increase your rating in both Player and Manager Careers.

Career Mode is the bread and butter of every FIFA title. It’s a classic mode that allows players to develop teams as a manager, throw youth prospects and custom players into the mix, and turn them into superstars.

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The best way to do that is to increase their player rating through Training.

FIFA 22’s Training system still has some quality of life improvements from previous titles, including One Time Training, which lets you receive the best score you achieved in a drill every time you simulate it, and Group Training.

However, it also includes some new features, like the Player Career Skill Tree, which gives you more control over how your custom player develops. Let’s take a look at everything we know, starting with the fundamentals.

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FIFA 22 Career Mode Training explained

Training allows players to earn experience points through training and matches to build and develop youth prospects and custom players.

You can make a player participate in three training sessions every week. The amount of experience they earn from each session depends on what position they’re in.

For example, a defender will gain more experience from defending drills than shooting ones and vice versa.

If you play a drill rather than simulate it, your player will receive bonus experience regardless of the grade. Similarly, if you take on a drill for the first time, you’ll receive bonus experience as well. But of course, if you’d rather save yourself time, you can simulate them and receive less.

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You can also make presets of your favorite training sessions so you can re-do them on the fly. And last but not least, if you select and complete an Enhanced Match Objective in a proper game, you’ll receive bonus experience as well.

FIFA 22 Player Career Skill Tree

For the first time in the series, FIFA 22’s Player Career Mode will include a new system called the Player Career Skill Tree.

In the past, player development happened by growing attributes depending on how players performed in matches. In FIFA 22, these attributes will only grow in the way you want them to. It’s a great way to give you more control over your player’s growth.

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The premise is simple. The more experience you earn, the more your player will level up. And each time they do, you will unlock skill points that can be spent in the Player Career Skill Tree. The attributes increases they produce are a big deal, and you’ll notice their impact immediately.

And last but not least, Archetypes, which can be found deep within the Player Career Skill Tree, are even better. Not only do they provide massive attribute boosts, but they also allow you to specialize in specific roles and styles.

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New Training Drills in FIFA 22 Career Mode

FIFA 22 is expected to introduce some new training drills into Career Mode. However, the developers haven’t revealed any details yet other than what we’ve mentioned above.

Some old favorites have been showcased in the gameplay trailer, like Long Shot Practice and Under Pressure for individual player training.

Still, you can expect to see some group training for Manager Careers, especially the ones that improved sharpness.

Training drills are the best way to keep your players sharp.

FIFA 22’s Career Mode is set to be bigger and better than ever before, and the streamlined Training system is a big reason why.

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If you take full advantage of it, you’ll be climbing the ladder and developing world-class footballers in no time at all.

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