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Best FIFA 22 Career Mode training tips: how to increase team morale and sharpness

Published: 14/Jul/2021 2:16

by Bill Cooney


Everyone who’s ever dipped their toes into FIFA’s career mode probably knows how important, and tedious, training your players week after week can be. Lucky for you though, we’ve got a few tricks that can make things much easier and quicker.

The FIFA 22 trailer is officially out, and so is a bunch of new information on Career Mode, which is supposedly in-line for a “massive” update, according to EA, from previous years.

Just how big of a rework the player-favorite mode will receive is still unknown, but we’ll more than likely see training return in one form or another. Training is crucial to a club’s success in Career mode, because if you’re players aren’t at full Sharpness, they won’t be performing at their best.


So, let’s take a look at some tips that should make things a little easier.

One Time Training

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Playing training drills, at least once, is a necessary evil.

In FIFA’s career mode you have the option to play through or simulate all of your training drills, and when you’re first starting out you’ll want to try and get the highest score you can for each drill.

That’s because as the drills come up again and again, you’ll be able to simulate them to give your players the same benefits as your best score did when you played. This means ideally, you should have all your drills up to at least the A and B ranks, so you can just quick-sim through instead of actually playing each time.


This greatly reduces the time it takes to do training each in-game day, once you have the drills down. You don’t just want to blindly quick sim though, as some drills could pop up less frequently than others and you’ll want to be sure to finish them as well.

The ability to quick sim training and keep your highest score was a huge update for Career Mode in FIFA 21, and there’s no signs it won’t be in 22 either, so it’s worth it to at least be familiar with the system.

Group Training Sessions

If, heaven forbid, a star player like Alexander-Arnold gets injured, Group training can bring his replacement up in sharpness quickly.

Like we mentioned earlier, match Sharpness is crucial in Career mode in order to have players performing on the pitch at their best. If one of your star players gets injured and you need to bring a replacement up to speed, or if you just want to focus on a certain area of the pitch, Group Training allows you to do just that.


Simply pick which players and which drills you want to run, and you’re off to the races. Be aware though, that just as important as Sharpness is Fitness, and the last thing you want to do is gas your players in training so by match day, they have less in the tank than the opposing team.

Career mode also allow you to schedule rest days for certain players though, and this is something you definitely don’t want to overlook either.

EA has come out with more info on what exactly is coming to Career Mode for FIFA 22, but we still don’t know exactly what changes, if any, are coming to the training aspect of things.


As soon as we do get some solid information though we’ll be updating this article, so be sure to check back.