FIFA 22 trailer: First look at gameplay revealed

FIFA 22 cover image of Mbappe looking skywardsEA SPORTS

The release of FIFA 22 is fast approaching, with EA SPORTS finally dropping their trailer for the new game and teasing a few new details.

Every year, FIFA fans across the globe reach that point in the calendar where the previous game takes less of their attention and they start looking forward to what’s coming next.

Well, we’ve finally hit that point in FIFA 21, and EA are starting to drop details about FIFA 22. We know it’s got something interesting new features, mainly the mysterious Hypermotion technology.

Before we start to do deep dives on Ultimate Team, Career Mode, VOLTA, and anything else that might be new, EA SPORTS have given us our first look at the game with a reveal trailer.

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fifa 22 mbappe coverEA SPORTS
Mbappe will once again adorn the FIFA cover.

FIFA 22 reveal trailer stream

The first look at FIFA 22 – outside of the beta and grainy videos of alpha footage – dropped in the reveal trailer on July 11.

Now, this isn’t the gameplay reveal that shows off all the new clever off-the-ball runs or defensive tackles, but rather showing the work that goes into making the game.

As you’ll see below, it features stars like Kylian Mbappe, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Heung-Min Son doing capture work for the game, and that then translating into gameplay. So, you can see some new shooting animations and stunning new graphics.


What other details come with the FIFA 22 reveal trailer?

Well, as we’ve already noted, EA are putting a focus on their new Hypermotion technology. Given that it’s going to be exclusive to Xbox Series X/S and PS5 consoles, it’ll likely be more to do with stunning new graphics instead of the long-awaited new game engine.

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EA have also teased a major overhaul to the Pro Player career mode, as well as bringing Create-A-Club to the Manager Mode, with a deep dive to come at a later stage.

There’s also an update for Pro Clubs in the works, with a new player growth system being touted. Again, more details will come later.

As we’ve seen over the years, EA SPORTS like to drop the first reveal trailer and then follow it up with a proper gameplay reveal at a later.

We can expect the same to happen this year, and again, we’ll know more once EA start dropping more details.

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So, stick with us here on Dexerto, as well our FIFA Twitter accounts – UltimateTeamUK and FUTWatch – for more.