Most watched esports tournaments of 2021: League, Dota, CSGO, Valorant

Shay Robson

Esports viewership stats for 2021 show that this year’s statistics topple last year’s. Here are the most-watched esports tournaments of 2021.

Like traditional sports, esports fans will argue that their favorite game is the best. However, one aspect that can’t be argued is the most popular esports, which can generally be gauged by their viewership.

With statistics provided by the esports charts, here are the most-watched esports tournaments of 2021. Note that these statistics exclude Chinese viewership figures, generally considered unreliable.

Most watched esports tournaments – 2021

10 — Valorant Champions 2021

  • Hours watched: 46.04m
  • Hours streamed: 98

The end of the inaugural Valorant Champions Tour is a tournament that Valorant fans will remember for years to come. From the North American powerhouse Sentinels being knocked out in early stages to the underdogs KRU Esports’ miracle run, where they almost made it to the finals.

Valorant Champions makes its way onto the list with 46.04M hours watched and 98 hours streamed as Acend took down Gambit Esports in a gut-wrenching best of five series to become the first-ever Valorant World Champions.

9 — Mobile Legends: MPL ID Season 7

  • Hours watched: 54.29m
  • Hours streamed: 169

Season 7 of the Mobile Legends Indonesian Pro League makes the list with 54.29M hours watched. The 169 hours streamed were full of intense games, as EVOS Legends took down Bigetron Alpha 4-2 taking home $140,000 and a spot at MSC 2021.

8 — League of Legends: LCK Summer

LCK Hub Feature

  • Hours watched: 60.52m
  • Hours streamed: 295

The League of Legends LCK Summer Split makes this list effortlessly with 60.52M hours watched with 295 hours streamed.

The LCK 2021 Summer Split made history, and it’s no surprise that it was DWG KIA setting more records as they became the first team in Korean history to win three splits back-to-back-to-back.

7 — League of Legends: Mid-Season Invitational

MSI 2021 results & League of Legends schedule hub.

  • Hours watched: 61.18m
  • Hours streamed: 86

The 2021 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational was one of the most hyped events of the year. The upsets and triumphs, especially seeing the OCE region prevail and make it out of groups for the first time ever will be a moment League of Legends fans won’t forget.

We saw Royal Never Give Up take down World Champions DWG KIA 3-2 to claim their second title in the Grand Finals to end off an exhilarating MSI. Riot’s dominance with their esports tournaments continues, as MSI had 61.18M hours watched in just 86 hours streamed – the lowest amount streamed on this list.

6 — Mobile Legends: M3 World Championship

  • Hours Watched: 62.61m
  • Hours streamed: 103

The M3 World Championship marked the end of the Mobile Legends 2021 competitive season, and it held an impressive 62.61M hours watched with 103 hours streamed throughout its third iteration of the tournament.

The finals of the 2021 M3 World Championship were arguably one of the most entertaining we’ve seen, as Blacklist international swept Onic Philippines 4-0 in the best-of-seven series.

5 — League of Legends: LCK Spring Split

LCK Hub Feature

  • Hours watched: 67.64m
  • Hours streamed: 290

Making the list for the second time, we have the League of Legends LCK. The spring split clocked in at 67.64M hours watched during the 290 hours that were streamed.

The LCK Spring Split saw a very dominant and entertaining 16-2 run from DWG KIA – who at the time were the current World Champions.

4 — Counter-Strike: PGL Major Stockholm

  • Hours watched: 71.26m
  • Hours streamed: 120

The only first-person shooter in the top five most-watched esports tournaments is of course from no other than Counter-Strike’s PGL Stockholm Major. Stockholm’s Major was the first since 2019, and had Counter-Strike fans around the world more hyped than ever.

With 71.26M hours watched with 120 hours streamed, PGL Stockholm is one Counter-Strike fans will always remember as Natus Vincere took down G2 in the grand finals, securing their spot in the history books.

3 — Mobile Legends: MPL ID Season 8

  • Hours watched: 76.94m
  • Hours streamed: 172

It might be a surprise for those unfamiliar with Mobile Legends to see it make its mark on this list once, never mind three times. The MPL ID Season 8 was the third most-watched esports of the year.

While the most-watched tournaments list is usually dominated by Riot Games, but with 76.94M hours watched with 172 hours streamed the future of competitive Mobile Legends is bright.

Onic Esports were the ones to take the trophy and tickets to M3 home, after taking down RRQ Hoshi 4-3 in the finals.

2 — Dota 2: The International 10

Dota 2 The International 10 Hub

  • Hours watched: 107.23m
  • Hours streamed: 125

While Dota 2’s TI10 is nowhere close to LoL Worlds, they sit an impressive 30.29M hours watched ahead of MPL with 107.23M hours watched with 125 hours streamed taking a solid second place on this list.

Team Spirit’s legendary run at The International 10 will definitely be one to remember after the underdogs took down PSG.LGD 3-2 in the Grand Finals. With a crazy $40,018,195 prize pool – the biggest in esports history, the future of competitive Dota 2 is bright.

1 — League of Legends: World Championship

EDward gaming lifts Summoner's Cup after winning LoL Worlds 2021
EDward Gaming lifted their first international title since MSI 2015 after taking down DWG KIA 3-2 at Worlds 2021.
  • Hours watched: 174.82m
  • Hours streamed: 134

Of course, the top of the list is held securely by Riot and the League of Legends 2021 World Championship, and it isn’t even remotely close. With 174.82M hours watched in the 134 hours streamed.

The League of Legends 2021 World Championship sits a comfortable 67M hours watched ahead of Dota 2’s TI10.  Worlds 2021 saw Chinese team EDward Gaming lift their first international title since 2015 after taking down the defending champions DWG KIA.

Overall, the future of esports is looking better than ever, with record-breaking statistics year after year.