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LCK Summer 2021: T1 suffer shock 2-0 loss to Liiv SANDBOX

Published: 20/Jun/2021 14:45 Updated: 20/Jun/2021 15:10

by Andrew Amos


The LCK 2021 Summer Split is here. DWG KIA have returned home from Iceland without their crown, and now, Korea’s best are hungry to make their mark. Who will make it to Worlds 2021? Follow the action, including the latest standings and results, right here.

  • Liiv SANDBOX stun T1 and Faker, taking a simple 2-0 victory.
  • Hanwha Life Esports grab their first series of the split, defeating BRO 2-1.
  • Gen.G sit atop the LCK ladder undefeated, having beaten Nongshim on Friday.

DWG KIA were one series away from completing League’s first Grand Slam. They fell short to China’s Royal Never Give Up at MSI 2021, but returned home with hunger to try and right their wrongs.

However, the other nine Korean teams now see a weakness in the titans, and will be hungry to prove their worth ahead of Worlds 2021. With three spots at the international event on the line after Summer, it could be anyone’s for the taking.


Keep your eyes fixed right here for all the latest LCK action as it happens in Summer 2021. From the latest results and fixtures, to the roster moves, we’ve got it all in one place.

Showmaker and Khan DWG KIA MSI 2021
Riot Games
DWG KIA are still favorites for LCK Summer 2021 despite losing at MSI.

LCK 2021 Summer Split: Stream

The LCK has a dedicated English stream on Twitch. However, if you don’t manage to catch the games live, you can catch up with full VODs and highlights on YouTube.

LCK 2021 Summer Split: Standings

Below are the standings for LCK Summer 2021, which will be updated after each day’s game as the race to Worlds heats up.

Top six make playoffs. Top two receive semi-finals bye.

Placement Team Series Games
1 Gen.G 4-0 8-3
2 DWG KIA 3-1 6-3
3 Nongshim RedForce 3-1 7-5
4 Afreeca Freecs 3-1 6-4
5 T1 2-2 5-4
5 Liiv SANDBOX 2-2 5-4
7 KT Rolster 1-3 5-6
8 Fredit BRION 1-3 4-6
9 Hanwha Life Esports 1-3 2-7
10 DRX 0-4 2-8

LCK 2021 Summer Split: Schedule & results

Week 3 schedule: June 23 — June 27

Date Match PT ET BST
June 23 Hanwha Life vs Afreeca 1AM 4AM 9AM
DWG KIA vs Fredit BRION 4AM 7AM 12PM
June 24 Gen.G vs Liiv SANDBOX 1AM 4AM 9AM
T1 vs Nongshim 4AM 7AM 12PM
June 25 KT Rolster vs DRX 1AM 4AM 9AM
DWG KIA vs Hanwha Life 4AM 7AM 12PM
June 26 Afreeca vs Gen.G 1AM 4AM 9AM
Nongshim vs Fredit BRION 4AM 7AM 12PM
June 27 DRX vs T1 1AM 4AM 9AM
KT Rolster vs Liiv SANDBOX 4AM 7AM 12PM

Week 1 results: June 9 — June 13

Date Match PT ET BST
June 9 Fredit BRION 2-0 Liiv SANDBOX 1AM 4AM 9AM
T1 2-0 Hanwha Life 4AM 7AM 12PM
June 10 KT Rolster 1-2 Nongshim 1AM 4AM 9AM
Gen.G 2-1 DRX 4AM 7AM 12PM
June 11 Afreeca 2-1 Fredit BRION 1AM 4AM 9AM
DWG KIA 2-1 T1 4AM 7AM 12PM
June 12 Nongshim 2-1 Liiv SANDBOX 1AM 4AM 9AM
Hanwha Life 0-2 Gen.G 4AM 7AM 12PM
June 13 KT Rolster 2-0 DWG KIA 1AM 4AM 9AM
DRX 0-2 Afreeca 4AM 7AM 12PM

Week 2 results: June 16 — June 20

Date Match PT ET BST
June 16 Nongshim 2-1 DRX 1AM 4AM 9AM
Gen.G 2-1 KT Rolster 4AM 7AM 12PM
June 17 T1 2-0 Fredit BRION 1AM 4AM 9AM
DWG KIA 2-0 Afreeca 4AM 7AM 12PM
June 18 Liiv SANDBOX 2-0 Hanwha Life 1AM 4AM 9AM
Gen.G 2-1 Nongshim 4AM 7AM 12PM
June 19 DRX 0-2 DWG KIA 1AM 4AM 9AM
Afreeca 2-1 KT Rolster 4AM 7AM 12PM
June 20 Liiv SANDBOX 2-0 T1 1AM 4AM 9AM
Fredit BRION 1-2 Hanwha Life 4AM 7AM 12PM

LCK 2021 Summer Split: Teams

You can find the full line-ups of all 10 LCK Summer 2021 teams below. This will be updated as players get shifted around ⁠— up until roster lock mid-way through the season.


Team Top Jungle Mid AD Carry Support
Afreeca Freecs Kiin Dread Fly Bang / Leo Lehends
DRX Kingen Pyosik SOLKA BAO Becca
DWG KIA Khan Canyon ShowMaker Ghost BeryL
Fredit BRION Hoya Chieftain / UmTi Lava / Yaharong Hena Delight
Gen.G Rascal Clid Bdd Ruler Life
Hanwha Life Esports DuDu / Morgan Arthur / yoHan Chovy Deft Vsta
KT Rolster Doran Blank / GIDEON Dove / Ucal Noah Zzus
Liiv SANDBOX Summit Croco / OnFleek FATE Prince Effort
Nongshim RedForce Rich Peanut Gori deokdam Kellin
T1 Canna Cuzz Faker / Clozer Gumayusi / Teddy Keria