NAVI win CSGO PGL Major Stockholm 2021

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The first CS:GO Major in two years is finally here. PGL Major Stockholm 2021 marks a return to the best of Counter-Strike with 24 teams across the world fighting it out for a $2 million prize pool.

  • NAVI dominates G2 to take PGL 2021 Grand Final 2-0.
  • NAVI and G2 go head to head in the title decider.
  • $2 million is up for grabs, with $1 million for the outright winner

Since Astralis was crowned four-time champions at the Berlin Major 2019, a lot has changed in Counter-Strike. New dynasties have risen and fallen, and the global order is shifting.

Now, all of that will be put to the test at PGL Major Stockholm 2021. The world’s best squads have descended on Sweden ⁠— almost 10 years on from when the country held CS:GO first’s major in 2013 ⁠— to fight it out for a $1 million grand prize, and $2 million purse overall.


PGL Major Stockholm 2021 recap

The PGL Major Stockholm 2021 will definitely be one to remember, especially if you’re a die hard NAVI fan. S1mple and the gang were in top form throughout the tournament from start to finish.

After going 3-0 in the Legends stage, NAVI didn’t drop a single map during the playoffs, winning 2-0 against Vitality, Heroic, and finally G2 in the Grand Finals.

Not only has s1mple and the rest of NAVI solidified themselves as one of the best squads to ever play CSGO, they’ve managed to have a year most teams can only dream about in the process.

NAVI are the first team to win a Major and an Intel Grand Slam in the same year since Astralis.

PGL Major Stockholm final placements

Placement Team Prize Money (USD)
1 NAVI $1,000,000
2 G2 $300,000
3-4 Gambit $140,000
5-8 Team Vitality $70,000
9-11 Copenhagen Flames $17,500
12-14 MOUZ $17,500
Team Liquid
15-16 ENCE $17,500
Evil Geniuses
17-19 Team Spirit
Movistar Riders
20-22 Renegades
paiN Gaming
Sharks Esports

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Schedule & results

Champions Stage: November 4 — 7

Day 1: November 4

Stage Match PT ET GMT
Quarter-finals Heroic 2-1 8:30AM 11:30AM 3:30PM
G2 2-0 NIP 12:00PM 3:00PM 7:00PM

Day 2: November 5

Stage Match PT ET GMT
Quarter-finals Gambit 2-0 FURIA 8:30AM 11:30AM 3:30PM
NAVI 2-0 Vitality 12:00PM 3:00PM 7:00PM

Day 3: November 6

Stage Match PT ET GMT
Semi-finals G2 2-1 Heroic 8:30AM 11:30AM 3:30PM
NAVI 2-0 Gambit 12:00PM 3:00PM 7:00PM

Day 4: November 7

Stage Match PT ET GMT
Grand final G2 Esports 0-2 NAVI 12:00PM 3:00PM 7:00PM

Legends Stage: October 30 — November 2

Placement Team Record
1 NAVI 3-0
2 G2 Esports 3-0
3 Heroic 3-1
4 Gambit Esports 3-1
5 FURIA 3-1
6 3-2
7 NIP 3-2
8 Vitality 3-2
9 Entropiq 2-3
10 CPH Flames 2-3
11 FaZe 2-3
12 Astralis 1-3
13 MOUZ 1-3
14 Team Liquid 1-3
15 Evil Geniuses 0-3
16 ENCE 0-3

Day 1: October 30

Evil Geniuses 6-16 FaZe 2:00AM 5:00AM 10:00AM
G2 16-11 Copenhagen Flames 2:00AM 5:00AM 10:00AM
Gambit 16-7 ENCE 3:15AM 6:15AM 11:15AM
Liquid 9-16 Entropiq 3:15AM 6:15AM 11:15AM
Vitality 14-16 Virtus.Pro 4:30AM 7:30AM 12:30PM
NAVI 16-11 Heroic 4:30AM 7:30AM 12:30PM
NIP 16-12 MOUZ 5:45AM 8:45AM 1:45PM
FURIA 10-16 Astralis 5:45AM 8:45AM 1:45PM
EG 2-16 Copenhagen Flames 7:00AM 10:00AM 3:00PM
G2 16-7 FaZe 7:00AM 10:00AM 3:00PM
Liquid 16-8 ENCE 8:15AM 11:15AM 4:15PM
Gambit 9-16 Entropiq 8:15AM 11:15AM 4:15PM
Vitality 12-16 Heroic 9:30AM 12:30PM 5:30PM
NAVI 16-4 Virtus.Pro 8:30AM 12:30PM 5:30PM
FURIA 16-9 MOUZ 10:45AM 1:45PM 6:45PM
NIP 16-1 Astralis 10:45AM 1:45PM 6:45PM

Day 2: October 31

FaZe 6-16 Copenhagen Flames 2:00AM 5:00AM 10:00AM
Gambit 16-14 Virtus.Pro 2:00AM 5:00AM 10:00AM
Team Liquid 9-16 FURIA 3:15AM 6:15AM 11:15AM
Astralis 7-16 Heroic 3:15AM 6:15AM 11:15AM
G2 Esports 2-0 Entropiq * 5:45AM 7845AM 1:45PM
Vitality 2-1 EG * 5:45AM 8:45AM 1:45PM
Na’Vi 2-0 NiP * 9:30AM 12:30PM 5:30PM
MOUZ 2-0 ENCE * 9:30AM 12:30PM 5:30PM

Day 3: November 1

Entropiq 1-2 FURIA * 2:00AM 5:00AM 10:00AM
FaZe 2-0 Liquid * 2:00AM 5:00AM 10:00AM
NIP 0-2 Gambit * 5:45AM 8:45AM 1:45PM
Astralis 1-2 Vitality * 5:45AM 8:45AM 1:45PM
Heroic 2-1 CPH Flames * 9:30AM 12:30PM 5:30PM 2-1 MOUZ * 9:30AM 12:30PM 5:30PM

Day 4: November 2

Entropiq 1-2 Vitality * 2:00AM 5:00AM 10:00AM 2-1 FaZe * 5:45AM 8:45AM 1:45PM
NIP 2-1 CPH Flames * 9:30AM 12:30PM 5:30PM

* Indicates an advancement or elimination match, which was played in a Bo3 format

Challengers Stage: October 26 — 29

Placement Team Record
1 FaZe 3-0
2 Copenhagen Flames 3-0
3 Entropiq 3-1
4 3-1
5 ENCE 3-1
6 Heroic 3-2
7 MOUZ 3-2
8 Astralis 3-2
9 Team Spirit 2-3
10 BIG 2-3
11 Movistar Riders 2-3
12 Renegades 1-3
13 paiN Gaming 1-3
14 TYLOO 1-3
15 Sharks Esports 0-3
16 GODSENT 0-3

Day 4: October 29

Heroic 2-0 Movistar Riders * 1:00AM 4:00AM 9:00AM
BIG 1-2 MOUZ * 4:45AM 7:45AM 12:45AM
Astralis 2-0 Spirit * 8:30AM 11:30AM 4:30PM

Day 3: October 28

Match PT ET BST 2-1 Spirit * 1:00AM 4:00AM 9:00AM
Heroic 1-2 Entropiq * 1:00AM 4:00AM 9:00AM
Movistar Riders 2-1 TYLOO * 4:45AM 7:45AM 12:45AM
BIG 1-2 ENCE * 4:45AM 7:45AM 12:45AM
Astralis 2-0 paiN * 8:30AM 11:30AM 4:30PM
MOUZ 2-1 Renegades * 8:30AM 11:30AM 4:30PM

Day 2: October 27

BIG 16-8 Renegades 1:00AM 4:00AM 9:00AM
Team Spirit 16-3 TYLOO 1:00AM 4:00AM 9:00AM
Movistar Riders 12-16 Entropiq 2:15AM 5:15AM 10:15AM
ENCE 16-11 MOUZ 2:15AM 5:15AM 10:15AM
Heroic 1-2 Copenhagen Flames * 3:30AM 6:30AM 11:30AM 0-2 FaZe * 3:30AM 6:30AM 11:30AM
Astralis 2-0 GODSENT * 7:15AM 10:15AM 3:15PM
paiN 2-1 Sharks * 7:15AM 10:15AM 3:15PM

Day 1: October 26

Astralis 6-16 Copenhagen Flames 1:00AM 4:00AM 9:00AM
Team Spirit 11-16 FaZe Clan 1:00AM 4:00AM 9:00AM
ENCE 16-10 GODSENT 2:15AM 5:15AM 10:15AM
paiN 14-16 2:15AM 5:15AM 10:15AM
BIG 16-13 Entropiq 3:30AM 6:30AM 11:30AM
Movistar Riders 16-13 Renegades 3:30AM 6:30AM 11:30AM
Heroic 16-12 TYLOO 4:45AM 7:45AM 12:45PM
MOUZ 16-6 Sharks 4:45AM 7:45AM 12:45PM
Spirit 16-12 GODSENT 6:00AM 9:00AM 2:00PM
Astralis 6-16 Entropiq 6:00AM 9:00AM 2:00PM
paiN 14-16 Renegades 7:15AM 10:15AM 3:15PM
Sharks 14-16 TYLOO 7:15AM 10:15AM 3:15PM
ENCE 12-16 FaZe 8:30AM 11:30AM 4:30PM
BIG 11-16 Copenhagen Flames 8:30AM 11:30AM 4:30PM
Movistar Riders 12-16 9:45AM 12:45PM 5:45PM
Heroic 16-11 MOUZ 9:45AM 12:45PM 5:45PM

* Indicates an advancement or elimination match, which was played in a Bo3 format

PGL Major Stockholm 2021: Format

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 will follow the same three-tier format previous majors have implemented. Teams will be divided between Legends, Challengers, and Contenders stages depending on how they perform in their regional qualifiers.

The tournament will then progress from the lower Challengers stage, all the way to Champions. Legends Teams will get a free pass to the Legends stage, while Challengers and Contenders teams will start from square one.

The Challengers and the Legends stages will feature a Swiss format, with three victories sending teams through to the next stage and three defeats sending them home. The elimination and the advanced matches will be played in a best-of-three format, while the remaining matches will be single-map affairs.

The top 8 in Legends will progress to the Champions stage, where one final single-elimination bracket awaits them. The games will start October 26, running until November 7.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021: All qualified teams

You can find the list of teams who have qualified for the Major via the regional qualifiers below.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021: Legends teams

Team Region Players
Ninjas in Pyjamas Europe REZ, Plopski, hampus, dev1ce, LNZ
Team Vitality Europe apEX, ZywOo, shox, misutaaa, Kyojin
G2 Esports Europe JaCkz, AmaNEk, nexa, huNter-, NiKo
Team Liquid North America EliGE, Stewie2K, NAF, Grim, FalleN
FURIA North America yuurih, KSCERATO, arT, VINI, drop
Evil Geniuses North America Brehze, stanislaw, CeRq, oBo, MICHU
Natus Vincere CIS s1mple, Perfecto, Boombl4, electronic, B1T
Gambit Esports CIS sh1ro, Ax1Le, Hobbit, nafany, interz

PGL Major Stockholm 2021: Challengers teams

Team Region Players
BIG Europe tabseN, tiziaN, syrsoN, k1to, gade
ENCE Europe doto, snappi, Spinx, dycha, hades
Movistar Riders Europe mopoz, ALEX, DeathZz, SunPayus, dav1g
Astralis Europe dupreeh, Xyp9x, Magisk, gla1ve, Lucky
Heroic Europe stavn, cadiaN, TeSeS, refrezh, sjuush
MOUZ Europe ropz, frozen, Bymas, acoR, dexter
paiN Gaming North America PKL, biguzera, hardzao, NEKIZ, saffee
Spirit CIS sdy, chopper, mir, magixx, degster

PGL Major Stockholm 2021: Contenders teams

Team Region Players
Copenhagen Flames Europe roeJ, HooXi, Zyphon, Jabbi, nicoodoz
FaZe Clan Europe rain, olofmeister, broky, Twistzz, karrigan
GODSENT North America felps, latto, dumau, b4rtiN, TACO CIS Jame, YEKINDAR, FL1T, qikert, buster
Entropiq CIS Krad, Forester, El1an, Lack1, NickelBack
Sharks South America jnt, Lucaozy, zevy, pancc, realziN
TYLOO Asia Attacker, SLOWLY, Summer, somebody, DANK1NG
Renegades Oceania Sico, aliStair, INS, Hatz, malta
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