All League of Legends Worlds winners over the years

League of Legends Worlds winner plays on this stageColin Young-Wolff for Riot Games

League of Legends has had its fair share of Worlds winners over the years as regions have risen and fallen and dynasties have been established. The League of Legends World Championships is one of the most important events in the calendar year of esports and the winner of each season can be found below.

The tournament has seen different formats throughout the years and started out as a smaller event with only a few teams in attendance. Now, Worlds is considered one of the crown jewel events of the esports calendar, drawing millions of viewers every year.

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The tournament is arguably how Riot Games launched itself into the giant that it is today, thanks to the event selling out stadiums and drawing mainstream media attention wherever it is held.

League of Legends Worlds stageColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
The 2019 League of Legends Worlds stage in Spain.

Traditionally, the event has been dominated by South Korean teams and players, but China has risen in recent years with a few titles of its own. North America and other small regions have yet to earn a world title, while Europe claimed the first trophy, all the way back in 2011.

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In addition to bragging rights and a hefty payout, the winners of the Worlds events also get the honor of being immortalized in-game with their own commemorative Worlds Skins.

League of Legends Worlds winners by year

2011FnaticxPeke, Cyanide, Shushei, LamiaZealot, Mellisan
2012Taipei AssassinsStanley, lilballz, Toyz, Bebe, MiSTakE
2013SK Telecom T1 KImpact, Bengi, Faker, Piglet, PoohManDu
2014Samsung WhiteLooper, Dandy, PawN, imp, Mata
2015SK Telecom T1MaRin, Bengi, Faker, Easyhoon, Bang, Wolf
2016SK Telecom T1Duke, Bengi, Blank, Faker, Bang, Wolf
2017Samsung GalaxyCuVee, Ambition, Haru, Crown, Ruler, CoreJJ
2018Invictus GamingDuke, TheShy, Ning, Rookie, JakeyLove, Baolan
2019FunPlus PhoenixGimGoon, Tian, Doinb, Lwx, Crisp
2020DAMWONNuguri, Canyon, ShowMaker, Ghost, BeryL
2021Edward GamingFlandre, JieJie, Scout, Viper, Meiko
2022DRXKingen, Pyosik, Zeka, Deft, BeryL

League of Legends Worlds winners by number of trophies

The League of Legends Worlds winners trophyMichal Konkol/Riot Games
The League of Legends Worlds trophy has also changed throughout the years.

While the World Championship has been around for almost a decade, the number of players who are repeat winners is small and only includes an elite few, mostly from the same team. The only exception is Lee “Duke” Ho-seong, who won world titles with two different organizations.

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Number of World titlesPlayers
3Faker, Bengi
2Bang, Wolf, Duke, BeryL
1Impact, xPeke, Cyanide, Shushei, LamiaZealot, Mellisan, Stanley, lilballz, Toyz, Bebe, MiSTakE, Piglet, PoohManDu, Looper, Dandy, PawN, imp, Mata, MaRin, Easyhoon, CuVee, Ambition, Haru, Crown, Ruler, TheShy, Ning, Rookie, JakeyLove, Baolan, GimGoon, Tian, Doinb, Lwx, Crisp, Nuguri, Canyon, ShowMaker, Ghost, Flandre, JieJie, Scout, Viper, Meiko, Kingen, Pyosik, Zeka, Deft, CoreJJ

League of Legends Worlds winners by country

Fans at WorldsColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
Fans from across the globe have come to watch players duke it out in LoL.

The tournament has largely been dominated by South Korea. Even the three Chinese teams that have won the trophy, Invictus Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix and EDward Gaming, all had Korean talent on their rosters. Worth noting is that, without 2011 winners Fnatic, only four countries would make this list.

South KoreaImpact, Bengi, Faker, Piglet, PoohManDu, Looper, Dandy, PawN, imp, Mata, MaRin, Easyhoon, Bang, Wolf, Duke, Blank, CuVee, Ambition, Haru, Crown, Ruler, TheShy, Rookie, GimGoon, Doinb, Nuguri, Canyon, ShowMaker, Ghost, BeryL, Scout, Viper, Kingen, Pyosik, Zeka, Deft, CoreJJ
ChinaFlandre, JieJie, Meiko, Tian, Lwx, Crisp, Ning, JakeyLove, Baolan
TaiwanStanley, lilballz, Bebe, MiSTakE
Hong KongToyz
GermanyLamiaZealot, Mellisan

This article will continue to be updated as more League of Legends World Championship winners are crowned. You can find the full list of MSI winners here.

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