xQc reveals historic Kick deal was “months” in the making despite recent Twitch blunders

Liam Ho
xqc on streamTwitch: xQc

xQc revealed in his latest stream that he had been “thinking about” his non-exclusive move to Kick for “months,” and that it didn’t just come about in light of Twitch’s recent blunders.

Streaming has become a rather mainstream way of delivering content to audiences. With websites like Twitch, YouTube, Rumble, and Kick now vying for space and streamer stars in the competitive market. Recently, it appears that Kick has been making moves in the streaming wars, announcing a non-exclusive contract with two of the biggest personalities today in xQc and more recently Amouranth.

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Alongside this, Twitch has had a couple of high-profile blunders with its planned and quickly scrapped policy changes. Some of which has been called out by the community and resulted in a fair amount of backlash for the streaming site.

However, according to internet superstar xQc, Twitch’s policy mistakes were not the main reason for his move to the new site. In fact, he’s been eyeing a move to Kick for a number of months now, he just revealed.

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xQc reveals he had been thinking about Kick move for “months”

In a recent stream with Pokimane, xQc explained how he had been thinking about the move to Kick for “months”, before finally acting upon it only recently. xQc revealed that he was actually pretty scared about making the move, ensuring he wanted to be certain in his decision and thus, taking time to get comfortable with it all.

“Yeah, I’ll be honest with you. I was super scared,” the streamer admitted in conversation with Pokimane.

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He continued on by clarifying that, despite Twitch’s recent controversies, they were not actually the reason behind the move.

“A lot of people think, ‘Oh because Twitch is making all these bad decisions’ right, that what I did was like ‘Oh Twitch is being weird I’m leaving’. I’ve been thinking about this for months.”

xQc explained how he needed to take the time to get there mentally before being able to make the move.

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“I had to really give it a try in my head and really get there mentally. Because I was never going to swap unless I was fully there mentally. It’s all in pretty much. I don’t like doing half ideas, I have to be in or not.”

Now all-in, sort of, with his monumental two-year, non-exclusive Kick deal, xQc is set to rake it up to $100 million, potentially adding $10,000 to his bank account every hour. Already, it’s led to huge growth for the platform with more than a million new users jumping over in light of the juicer’s announcement.

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