Amouranth joins Kick in shock move away from Twitch

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amouranth reveals her stalker was arrested

Following xQc signing a non-exclusive deal with Kick, Amouranth has also joined the platform and left Twitch to stream on there during her seventh stream anniversary.

Amouranth was the largest female streamer on Twitch in 2022, and the mix of her sly sense of humor and borderline NSFW content has been a winning combo on the platform. She’s been an ever-popular topic of conversation as someone who pushes the boundaries of what’s possible on Twitch.

However, she put Kick in the title of her seventh anniversary celebration on Twitch and, sure enough, left Twitch for Kick right in the middle of her livestream.

Along with xQc, this marks two of Twitch’s top streamers going to rival platform Kick in just two days’ time.

Amouranth leaves Twitch right in the middle of streaming

It’s yet unclear whether or not Amouranth has a contract with Kick like xQc does, but her announcement has made waves nonetheless.

And, while Amouranth has voiced her concerns about leaving Twitch in favor of Kick in the past, she has clearly pushed past those concerns and made the decision to swap platforms. Or, at the very least, spend some of her time streaming elsewhere.

Amouranth’s announcement video started with her looking at xQc’s deal with Kick and asking, “So, 100 million dollar deals have started… Can I get one of those?” followed by her packing her bags and heading to Kick.

The details around her contract or whether or not she even has one in the first place are yet unknown. However, if it’s anything like xQc’s situation, Amouranth likely doesn’t have to stream exclusively on Kick.

That said, between a revenue split that gives more money to creators and Kick’s looser restrictions around what can be shown on stream, the emerging livestreaming site could be the perfect destination for Amouranth.

With some top Twitch streamers saying that “Twitch is done” following xQc’s signing, Amouranth coming over only compounds that sentiment. And with a big streamer like Asmongold also eyeing the platform, who knows who we’ll see move over to Kick next?

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