xQc turned down offers to leave Twitch despite huge deals before $100m Kick signing

Jeremy Gan

In an exclusive interview with xQc’s agency, they reveal that the streaming giant received multiple competing offers before inking his $100 million Kick deal, but turned it down because he wasn’t ready for a “retirement move”. 

With a price tag of $100 million, Felix “xQc” Lengyel’s Kick deal rocked the entertainment world. Not only because of its massive price tag but also because of how high profile such a signing was for the burgeoning streaming site. 

When xQc inked his Kick deal, the Stake-backed site was barely half a year into its launch, and xQc was undoubtedly their biggest signing to date. Despite just being a non-exclusive streaming contract, The Juicer was brought on to put Kick on the map, and that he has done. 

This was in total contrast to previous blockbuster streamer deals. When names such as Ninja and Shroud moved for the now-defunct Mixer, it was an exclusive move to the platform, meaning the two made a complete shift towards the platform. 

xQc received multiple competing offers before signing his blockbuster Kick deal

However, according to Sébastien Delvaux, the COO of Evolved, the talent agency representing xQc, he was never ready for a “retirement move” like that, despite receiving competing offers. 

“Over the years, there have been competing offers from other platforms, and very often during this initial review process that we have with Felix, the conversation comes around, ‘well, we’re not ready for a retirement move, right?’”

Which was why, Delvaux explained, xQc never entertained many other offers. Deals only focused on monetary value just weren’t on the table for the megastar. Rather xQc wanted a deal to grow his channel.

“That’s why he wasn’t a part of the wave that moved to Mixer back in the day,” Delvaux said. “Because he was in a big growth period, and it’s not a paycheck that was exciting him, it was the ability to grow.” 

So this is a place where he has potentially the ability to grow further and to do more than what he can do on Twitch.”

As for who the rivaling platforms are that offered him deals, Delvaux wouldn’t say. “Probably won’t tell you exactly,” he told us. “But I can tell you it was a good handful.” 

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