Streaming expert estimates xQc will earn at least 10k an hour on Kick

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xQc Kick equity

Entrepreneur and former CLG CEO Devin Nash has analyzed xQc’s Kick deal and estimated the streamer could earn 10K an hour while streaming on the platform.

xQc’s massive $70 million Kick deal has taken the internet by storm after the June 16, 2023 reveal. While news first came via a report from the New York Times, xQc officially confirmed his new deal on Twitter through a 2-minute long video.

Since then, plenty of popular streamers have weighed in on the deal, with many criticizing Twitch for their lack of initiative and funding when it comes to keeping streamers on the platform.

Now, entrepreneur and streaming expert Devin Nash has weighed in on the actual contract itself, as well as the revenue breakdown that xQc will have now that this deal is in place.

Streaming expert breaks down xQc Kick deal

Nash uploaded a video titled, “xQc Signs Biggest Deal in LIVESTREAMING HISTORY” to his YouTube channel on June 16, 2023, after xQc’s official announcement.

Nash opened his video by calling it the “biggest deal in entertainment history” before going into a full breakdown of the deal and the revenue xQc could bring in.

When breaking down the contract, the former talent agent guessed that xQc would earn roughly $70 million over two years with $30 million in incentives. Additionally, he assumed it was an “Hourly Deal” meaning Kick would pay the streamer hourly alongside a signing bonus.

The timestamp begins at 4:00 for those on mobile…

With the prerequisite that it is, in fact, an hourly deal, Nash assumed the rate per hour for xQc’s deal would be a staggering $10,000, by taking into account his streamed hours on Twitch, his monthly sub earnings, and more.

Nash qualified his experience by noting that he is an agent, noting that he previously ran a talent agency and now runs a brand agency.

While he admitted he would be guessing how the deal’s structure is laid out, he said, “I’m gonna almost guarantee that I know exactly how these agencies do this work. I’ve done…probably hundreds of deals across this space that were structured this way.”

Of course, it’s important to remember that this is all speculation. That said, Nash certainly has the credentials to back up his estimates.

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