xQc admits he was “furious” at Pokimane and other streamers’ huge Twitch contracts

Virginia Glaze

xQc admitted that he was “furious” over Pokimane and other streamers’ “fat payouts” from Twitch prior to snagging his multi-million dollar deal with Kick.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is one of the world’s most recognizable streamers — but he claims that he wasn’t always making the most profit on Twitch despite his massive following.

Although he’s been a major player in the streaming scene for many years now, formerly being a pro Overwatch player, Lengyel skyrocketed to fame earlier this year after scoring a massive deal with Kick, a newer streaming service competing with the likes of Twitch and YouTube.

Lengyel signed a whopping $70 million deal with the platform, raising eyebrows all over the net — even from other major celebrities like Shaq.

xQc is one of the net’s top streamers.

xQc says he used to be “furious” at other streamers’ Twitch payouts

However, prior to making it big on Kick, xQc claims that he wasn’t making nearly as much as his peers when he was streaming on Twitch.

xQc opened up about his past payouts during a Kick stream in late October, admitting that he was “furious” over what he was being paid compared to his colleagues, specifically name-dropping Pokimane.

“I was mad,” he said. “I’m gonna say it how it is. I got a ‘sweet deal,’ but I was mad forever. I was furious for years, because all my peers at the time were getting massive — they were all on deals like, people like Pokimane and sh*t, were all on f*ckin’ bricked up contracts with all guarantees, and they had nothing to do.”

“No deliverables, or barely anything,” he continued. “They had to just kinda sit around and do nothing, with no performance bonus… and just get a fat f*cking payout. Like, actually fat. …when Twitch was booming at the time, everybody got those deals, where they would just sit around and do nothing, and get massive minimums. And you saw, people stopped trying.”

This latest statement from xQc comes in the wake of his disagreement with fellow streamer NICKMERCS, who recently claimed he is required to gamble at times when broadcasting on Kick after inking a deal with the site earlier this month.

At the time of writing, Pokimane has yet to respond to xQc’s claims — but we’ll keep you updated right here on Dexerto if she does.