xQc implies historic Kick deal actually nets him “more” than $100 million

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xQc has implied that he was actually offered more than $100 million to join streaming platform Kick in his recent historic deal.

Earlier in June, 2023, fans took to social media to voice how they believed xQc was leaving Twitch for Kick. His community coming to this conclusion after an account with his name suddenly received a sub-button on the rival streaming platform.

Following these rumors, a report from the New York Times revealed that xQc had officially signed a non-exclusive deal that has him bringing home more than $70 million dollars over the next two years at a minimum, with up to $100 million up for grabs.

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However, it appears the content creator’s deal may actually be worth more than what was first reported. During a recent Twitch stream, xQc discussed his blockbuster deal with Kick. During that broadcast, fellow content creator Pokimane asked him if he was offered any equity from the company when negotiating his new deal.

“I got to choose whether I wanted some or not,” admitted xQc. The streamer then expanded on his outlook on Kick.

“I saw this as a business. I thought it’d be really cool to have all these strategies on what we could do to make it better. I think it’s fun.”

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Now, it appears the pot was indeed sweetened beyond what was initially reported, perhaps with some shares in Kick thrown in, as previously teased. When Pokimane again challenged xQc on his deal with Kick during a June 20 stream, xQc seemingly let slip that the initial $100 million was actually bigger than first reported.

xQc implies he was offered more than $100 million for his recent Kick deal

When Pokimane stated “You’re someone who is getting paid $100 million,” xQc was quick to cut in and clarify “It’s more than that but it doesn’t matter.” xQc seemingly implied that his Kick deal is indeed “more than” the initially reported figure.

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However, xQc did not go into more details about the deal or reveal just how much he was actually offered. Time will tell if he does come clean with the Kick deal or if he chooses to remain tight-lipped about how much he was offered by Kick.

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