xQc says Kick streams are already “much better” than Twitch

Connor Bennett
xQc staring into camera at setup

Streaming star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has given Kick one mighty advantage over Twitch as he believes the Stake-backed platform has the “better” streams. 

When Kick first popped up in the early part of 2022, it was clear that it was going to challenge Twitch before long. The Stake-backed platform has enticed streamers with their 95-5 revenue splits and giving them more freedom when it comes to the content they stream. 

They’ve made a few big splashes too, signing streamers like xQc, Hikaru, and Adin Ross to massive contracts. A few of these deals, including both xQc and Hikaru, are non-exclusive, which means streamers can split their time between both Twitch and Kick without any worries.

Since signing his reported $100m deal, xQc has been starting his streams on Twitch, before going to Kick a few hours before he ultimately wraps up. So, he’s gotten some insight into the differences between the two platforms. 

xQc believes Kick is already “better” than Twitch for one big reason

The Kick vs Twitch debate has, naturally, popped up a few times during his streams, but during his August 1 broadcast, the former Overwatch League star decided to give some major props to the newer platform.

“Kick is just better. I enjoy just chilling with chat and doing this s*it,” xQc said. “At the end of the day when it comes down to actual freedom, this is much better. That’s just the way it is. 

“I’ve streamed on Twitch forever and I was under a massive contract for four years, ok, and I’ll be honest with you dude, here I feel like I can just sit down and actually talk to chat – and that’s a massive f*cking W. That is more therapeutic than anybody I’m going to pay $1000 an hour to talk about my f*cking problems.”

The fact that he streams later in the day and gets fewer viewers on Kick compared to Twitch, might have something to do with why xQc finds it a bit more chilled out. 

Kick hasn’t signed any big streamers since him, but they are on the look out for more. On top of that, the platform has continued to make waves off the internet too, becoming one of the sponsors for Premier League club Everton.

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