Week’s biggest drama: Jeffree Star “robbed,” Jaclyn Hill slams cheating rumors, more

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[jwplayer mgzBNoPb]While this week may have started on a slow note, things have certainly heated up as September comes to a close. With names like Jeffree Star getting caught up in some serious drama with his ex-boyfriend to makeup mogul Jaclyn Hill hitting back at cheating rumors, things aren’t slowing down for a second, and we have all the tea you need to stay informed!

So… What’s brewing?

Jeffree Star hits back at false accusations from fake accounts

Jeffree Star and Andre Marhold pose for an affectionate photo.
Jeffree Star has deleted all photos with his purported ex-boyfriend, Andre Marhold, who Star accused of stealing from him in an Instagram comment that quickly went viral.

Who’s involved? Jeffree Star is quite possibly one of the biggest names in YouTube’s beauty community, having amassed an entire empire of his own under Jeffree Star Cosmetics. However, there’s trouble in paradise, after he claimed that his alleged now-ex boyfriend — pro baller Andre Marhold — had stolen from him.

What’s the tea? Star claimed that Marhold — who he has apparently parted ways with — had taken a few designer items from his home and was seemingly not answering the phone.

Jeffree Star accuses ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold of stealing from him.
Jeffree Star has seemingly accused ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold of stealing from him, as told by this Instagram comment.

However, Marhold — or rather, a “backup” account pretending to be him — shot back with accusations of his own, claiming that Star had acquired a sexually transmitted disease and that he’d even cheated on former ex-boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt, with his friend.

It seems as though these accusations, as well as the accounts making them, were completely false, as Star later explained in a statement. Claiming he is completely clean of any STD, the YouTuber is undertaking legal action against the fake accounts — but there’s more to this wild tale than these rumors.

Jeffree Star responds to allegations of having a sexually transmitted disease in a series of messages.
Star clarified in a Direct Message to Defnoodles that he is taking legal action against the accounts that impersonated his ex-boyfriend, Andre Marhold.

But wait — there’s more! A post from yet another fake “backup” Instagram account pretending to be Marhold claimed that he and Star had never slept together nor even dated, going on to allege that Star had actually hired him to be a fake boyfriend in an effort to clean up his image. However, this account was later proven to be faked, with the real Marhold claiming he’d never spoken on anything officially.

Marhold denied ever having slept with Star and even claimed he was hired to pose as his boyfriend for a hefty $70k sum.
A fake account pretending to be Mahrold said he never slept with Star, and even claimed he was hired to pose as his boyfriend for a hefty $70k sum.

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PewDiePie and Alinity bury the hatchet

pewdiepie and alinity
PewDiePie and Alinity have reportedly settled their beef, as told by Pewds during a September video.

Who’s involved? PewDiePie is the undisputed king of YouTube, standing as the site’s most-subscribed independent creator of all time. Alinity, a popular Twitch streamer, once “threatened” the YouTube star with a copystrike after he used one of her clips in a video, leading to a long-standing “feud” of sorts between the two.

What’s the tea? Years after Alinity’s initial copystrike threat took place, it seems she and PewDiePie have finally made amends, after the two hashed it out in a private conversation.

“I never said this, but Alinity actually reached out,” he said during a video uploaded on September 29. “She apologized, we totally buried the hatchet. And I don’t want to take part in any more s**t on Alinity memes, even though this one is very subtle.”

(Topic begins at 4:24)

PewDiePie’s statement follows Alinity’s on-stream breakdown in July, after which she revealed the heavy emotional toll all the online hate from her cat-tossing scandal had taken on her mental state.

That’s not all; Pewds even told his viewers to “move on” from the drama, saying: “I don’t hold grudges, and neither should you guys. I see this a lot, people bringing up s**t someone did years ago. Yeah, no one cares anymore. Is that really what you bother your life with?”

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Is Bella Poarch becoming the new ‘queen of TikTok?’

Charli D'Amelio and Bella Poarch pose for selfies.
Bella Poarch is turning heads as she slowly but surely catches up to Charli D’Amelio in the TikTok race.

Who’s involved? Charli D’Amelio might be TikTok’s reigning queen (with nearly 90 million followers on the video app), but there’s another influencer who’s closing in from behind — viral lipsyncer Bella Poarch.

What’s the tea? After breaking a TikTok record for scoring the most likes on a single post, Poarch has seemingly accrued more than twice the average views of Charli, as reported by journalist Chris Stokel-Walker.

Boasting over 48 million views to Charli’s 27.3 million, Poarch has turned heads across the net due to her seemingly simple videos — of which she has uploaded less than half of Charli’s own upload library.

With some accusing her of being an “industry plant,” Poarch has seemingly skyrocketed to internet fame out of nowhere, which is, in itself, making users pay attention.

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Pokimane comes under fire for “transphobic” comment

Pokimane smile Instagram
Pokimane caught flak from viewers after posting a divisive Instagram post.

Who’s involved? Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of Twitch’s top streamers, who recently returned to the net after taking a month-long hiatus in August.

What’s the tea? However, her return to the net was not without some division among viewers, after the star caught flak for trying her hand at being a VTuber.

That wasn’t the only thing catching fans’ ire, though; in an attempt to combat the “simp”insult running rampant online, Pokimane referenced the age-old “Attack Helicopter” phrase in an Instagram post, a term that some internet users have come to view as transphobic.

Pokimane's Instagram Stories post.
Pokimane came under fire for this Instagram Stories post, where she used the term “attack helicopter.”

“I’m tired of seeing anyone (male, female, attack helicopter, other) be called a simp for being remotely nice to a girl,” Anys wrote.

Her post sparked outrage among Twitter users, prompting a quick reply from the Twitch streamer apologizing for “missing the mark” with her post.

Pokimane transphobic apology
Pokimane apologized for the ‘attack helicopter’ comment.

“I don’t want to enable transphobic language or behavior, especially within the gaming space,” she said of the issue. “I’ll do my best to be and do better.”

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Jaclyn Hill hits back at cheating rumors

Jaclyn Hill speaks to her fans during a video.
Jaclyn Hill hit back at claims of having cheated on her ex-husband of nine years before getting with her current boo.

Who’s involved? Jaclyn Hill is a huge name in the YouTube beauty scene, boasting her own line of cosmetics and even collaborations with such brands as Morphe.

What’s the tea? While Hill has come under fire in the past, it seems that some critics are more recently spreading rumors about her relationship with her new boyfriend, who some claim she started seeing before she’d broken things off with her ex-husband.

The beauty guru addressed these claims during a video on September 25, claiming that she’d only gotten together with her current man after she and her ex-husband had parted ways months prior.

(Topic begins at 15:03)

“When I got on camera and announced that I was getting a divorce, my ex-husband and I had been separated completely, and he had been moved out of the house for over six months at that point,” she explained, also clarifying that they ex-couple had faked spending New Years together to avoid further drama.

“I understand why the time frame looked messy online,” she added. “But no. There was no cheating.”

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Whew! This week was quite a doozy to say the least; from one of Twitch’s biggest stars finally ending her beef with YouTube’s top content creator, to Charli D’Amelio’s title of TikTok Queen being threatened, it seems that just about anything can happen. Do you think critics should “move on” from the Alinity drama? Would Jeffree Star really hire someone to be his boyfriend?

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