Jeffree Star slams “monster” James Charles with serious allegations

Alice Sjöberg
Jeffree Star calls James Charles a "monster

Jeffree Star has opened up about his former friend and beauty influencer, James Charles, and he didn’t hold back when he accused Charles of being a “monster”.

It’s been four years since Tati Westbrook made her video accusing James Charles of inappropriate behavior. The video took over the internet, causing Charles to lose hundreds of thousands of subscribers as viewers rescinded their support for him.

Jeffree Star was soon dragged into the drama after Tati revealed in a second video that Jeffree and Shane Dawson had driven her to create her initial exposé. This sparked a significant backlash against both stars, who both went on to take a break from YouTube.

Four years later, Jeffree and Shane have both returned to social media. Jeffree, who recently opened his meat and makeup store in Wyoming, has finally decided to open up about his thoughts on James Charles – and he didn’t hold back.

Jeffree Star calls James Charles the “most vile human”

Jeffree recently appeared on Bunnie Xo’s podcast, Dumb Blonde. During the interview, Jeffree opens up about how he built an iconic brand from nothing, why he decided to leave LA for his Yak farm in Wyoming, and how he thinks the online beauty community was destroyed by Tati’s video.

“This is a tricky conversation, so let me word this the right way,” Jeffree started.

“I got cocky and thought that I could ‘expose’ someone else’s drama and story to ex out someone else,” Jeffree started. “That person did not want me to, therefore this person is still free. And to see this person still out there, they’re not thriving like they used to be at all, it’s just interesting.

“But the industry does have demonic snakes. He’s the biggest piece of shit in the beauty industry. And he allegedly has done a lot of horrible things. He admitted to talking to minors, he is a f**king piece of shit.”

“So that is true? See I always stay out of the drama,” Bunnie said.

“He did a video allegedly, not allegedly, admitting to sleeping with minors. One of the most vile human beings on this planet,” Jeffree said. “And I have never really talked or addressed these things, but he is a literal f**king monster.”

He continued: “People aren’t ready for the truth. Everyone wants to keep their mouths shut – why? If someone is bad, let people know. You have A-List celebrities literally using this shit – yes Kim Kardashian, we’re talking to you. You’re using his makeup? “

“You’ll have to tell me who it is so I can stay clear of that human,” Bunnie said.

“Oh, his name is James Charles,” Jeffree said bluntly.