Jaclyn Hill hits back at accusations that she cheated on her ex-husband

Jaclyn Hill speaks to her fans during a video.YouTube: Jaclyn Hill

YouTube star and makeup mogul Jaclyn Hill is no stranger to controversy, but assumptions from some fans and critics have caused her to clear the air about rumors surrounding her previous marriage.

Jaclyn Hill is bonafide internet celebrity, rising to fame in YouTube’s beauty community and even launching her own makeup products, as well as collaborating with huge brands like Morphe.

Despite her success in the beauty biz, Hill has garnered her fair share of haters over the past year — but it looks like the criticism isn’t limited to fuzzy lipsticks, as revealed in her September 25 video responding to some fans’ assumptions about her.

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While these videos are popular for the obvious reason that they get a reaction from personalities over outrageous rumors, Hill’s video on the topic has taken off across social media circles due to one assumption in particular: that she allegedly cheated on her ex-husband.

Hill and her ex-husband, Jon Hill, were married for quite some time — nine years, in fact, before the couple parted ways in 2018 on reportedly amicable terms. Despite their seemingly peaceful split, though, some trolls are accusing Jaclyn of having been unfaithful in their relationship.

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That’s not all; they even claimed that she’d cheated on Jon with his best friend, Jordan, the man she’s currently seeing.

“I know that I didn’t cheat,” she began, claiming that she was initially terrified of the rumors that had spread about her romance with Jordan. “I understand why, though. I do. I understand why people assume that I cheated, because Jordan and I got together so quickly.”

“When I got on camera and announced that I was getting a divorce, my ex-husband and I had been separated completely, and he had been moved out of the house for over six months at that point,” she continued, claiming that they’d even faked spending New Years together to avoid further drama.

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“I understand why the time frame looked messy online,” she added. “But no. There was no cheating.”

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Fans have since shown an outpouring of support toward Hill after confronting these allegations, which have no doubt brought up some painful memories for the star who continues to be met with intense online criticism despite her efforts to rise above it.

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