Jeffree Star slams “awful” lies made by fake account impersonating ex

Virginia Glaze
Jeffree Star speaks to the camera during a vlog, wearing no makeup.

[jwplayer mgzBNoPb]YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star took the online world by storm after accusing his ex-boyfriend of stealing from him — but things got out of control after supposedly fake Instagram accounts began spreading serious rumors about the situation.

After his breakup with longterm boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in January, Star began publicly seeing professional basketball player Andre Marhold.

Their relationship sparked drama from the start, though, after accusations flew around the internet claiming that Marhold was actually married with a child, as told by the alleged account of his son’s mother.

However, Star was quick to debunk these accusations — but it doesn’t look like the gossip stayed put for long, as the YouTuber later claimed that Marhold had stolen a few designer items from him following their private split sometime in September.

Jeffree Star and Andre Marhold pose for an affectionate photo.
Jeffree Star has deleted all photos with his purported ex-boyfriend, Andre Marhold, who Star accused of stealing from him in an Instagram comment that quickly went viral.

While it’s no secret that Star boasts his fair share of haters, it seems that some critics have been creating fake Instagram accounts pretending to be Marhold, accusing Star of having a sexually transmitted disease.

That’s not all: One purported “backup” account of Marhold’s also alleged that Star had cheated on Schwandt with his friend, even posting a now-confirmed fake photo of STD medication as “proof” the YouTuber was “hiding” his supposed condition from fans.

One of the fake accounts claimed that Star was hiding an alleged STD.
One of the fake accounts claimed that Star was hiding an alleged STD.

Star has since addressed the rumors in a series of direct messages sent to Twitter user “defnoodles,” confirming that the allegations were made from falsified accounts.

“I can confirm that those pages are fake,” he wrote. “Andre posted to report the main one that insinuated all those horrible and awful lies. …we are already working on legal action investigating.”

Jeffree Star responds to allegations of having a sexually transmitted disease in a series of messages.
Star clarified in a Direct Message to Defnoodles that he is taking legal action against the accounts that impersonated his ex-boyfriend, Andre Marhold.

Star went on to explain that he had also gotten tested after he and Andre parted ways, confirming that “everything came back 100% negative.”

The beauty guru even posted a screenshot from a person seemingly behind one of the fake accounts that had spread rumors about him, who sent him a direct message that claimed the entire fiasco was “a game.”

Jeffree Star shares a screenshot from a private messaging conversation.
Jeffree Star appeared to share a direct message from someone behind one of the fake accounts impersonating his ex-boyfriend, who claimed the fiasco was “a game.”

Yet another account posing as Marhold appeared to decry the fake Instagram accounts, stating that he’d never even slept with Star and that he had actually been hired to pose as his boyfriend in an effort to clean up his image. He likewise denied Star’s allegations of having stolen from him, claiming that he’d been given the designer luggage Star accused him of stealing – although the account has since been revealed as fake.

Marhold denied ever having slept with Star and even claimed he was hired to pose as his boyfriend for a hefty $70k sum.
An account pretending to be Marhold denied ever having slept with Star, and even claimed he was hired to pose as his boyfriend for a hefty $70k sum. This account has since been proven to be fake.

Although this is far from the only fiasco surrounding Star at present, it seems the ex-boyfriend drama has been thoroughly debunked, stirring up some conversation around the morality of “exposing” someone’s purported medical history to the entire internet.