PewDiePie goes viral with insane body transformation update

PewDiePie YouTube Gamer transformation fitnessInstagram: PewDiePie

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg completely bowled over his fans in May after he revealed how his body had changed since he started getting into shape. Four months on, the YouTuber has blessed us with another update, which is even more shocking than the last.

On Wednesday the Swedish YouTuber posted an image of his shredded physique, bathed in golden light, on Instagram saying “Last day of no simp September boys.” The post has racked up a whopping 2 million likes in less than three hours.

Over the last decade, PewDiePie has become the face of online entertainment for many viewers. The content creator went from his humble roots playing games in 2010 to amassing over 107 million subscribers to his channel in 2020.

The scrawny gamer that fans were accustomed to has now disappeared. In May, PewDiePie’s wife Marzia posted an image of him standing topless halfway up a ladder, posing with thumbs up and a much more muscular torso than fans had previously seen.

YouTube: PewDiePie / Instagram: @itsmarziapie
Fans of the YouTuber were stunned, by his physical transformation.

Amid the uproar, PewDiePie told his subscribers all about how he achieved his new body, explaining that he quit soda, alcohol and ate lots more protein.

Fans of the content creator were also quick to create hilarious memes. Users jokingly compared his look to popular anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and credited his abs as a result of his “Floor Gang” philosophy.

This time the creator posted to his own Instagram, sans a dorky thumbs up, displaying a herculean upper body with ripped abs and arms.

It’s safe to say, people are in awe of such a transformation, with one commenter saying “Remember that gamer you used to bully back in high school, this is him now.” Another person wrote “FLEX OR FELIX?”

Other content creators leaped to respond: YouTuber Dolan Dark wrote “I’m gay now,” Jacksepticeye added “Bruh!!” and Gamer Sssniperwolf wrote, “this is a simp free zone.”

Who said gamers can’t get ripped too?