Jaclyn Hill’s lipstick controversy explained: Instagram reel sparks backlash

Christy Mathew
Screenshots of Jaclyn Hill applying her own lipstick in white jumper

Beauty influencer Jaclyn Hill has made headlines again after posting a reel on Instagram with her infamous lipsticks, that stirred controversy in 2019.

Jaclyn’s lipsticks received backlash online at the time for having hair particles and being contaminated for which she apologized but now she has reignited the controversy by taking a dig at it and posting a video.

The influencer was using her lipstick in the reel, and the text on the video reads, “POV: You are still using Jaclyn Hill’s ‘contaminated’ lipsticks 4 years later.”

She had defended her products at the time as she stated that the hairy texture was from the fabric gloves worn by the workers during the production process. However, this was not enough to persuade her fans at the time as they continued to share the fuzzy products.

Jaclyn even promised her fans that she would work on the issue to provide better products and revealed that only 1% of the lipsticks sold have the “contaminated” problem.

Social media users outraged after Jaclyn’s latest post

But her taking a dig at her products four years later sparked fresh criticism, as some users said that the influencer is all about the drama.

Many found it insensitive that Jaclyn was making fun of a situation she apologized for. Some commented saying that she did not learn anything and called the post “distasteful”.

Social media users bashed the internet personality for taking a dig at her 4 year old lipstick scandal.

But some fans also defended her. “Imagine someone healing from past mistakes to the extent that they can joke about it and people feeling the need to (after multiple years) still tear her down. Y’all I cant. Stay sad in your boring lives I guess.”

Despite this, many of her followers did not find the reel funny and slammed her for not realizing her mistake. As one fan wrote, “And mocking your fans who’ve stuck by your entitled a** is not a cute look.”

Social media users bashed the internet personality for taking a dig at her 4 year old lipstick scandal.

As another wrote Jaclyn to stop asking for attention and start doing something.

Jaclyn has not responded to the backlash her recent reel received but users online continue to mock her video.

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