Bella Poarch competes with Charli D’Amelio for title of ‘TikTok queen’

Virginia Glaze
Charli D'Amelio and Bella Poarch pose for selfies.
Instagram: Charli D'Amelio, Bella Poarch

Charli D’Amelio currently reigns as the undisputed “queen of TikTok,” standing as the app’s most-followed account with over 89 million followers — but there could be another star waiting in the wings to overtake her.

Charli D’Amelio skyrocketed to TikTok fame in March of this year, overtaking long-time queen Loren Gray in followers to become one of the internet’s most viral superstars in history.

Getting her own podcast with sister Dixie, her very own drink at Dunkin’ Donuts, and even her own hoodie collaboration with Hollister, it seems that the youngest D’Amelio is swimming in success — but her viral fame could be contested in a huge way.

Bella Poarch is another TikToker who has quickly become a massive face online, garnering worldwide attention in September after her video lipsyncing to Millie’s ‘M to the B’ broke the record for most likes on the platform.

Viewers were instantly skeptical of why she’d gotten so much attention, with some even accusing her of being an “industry plant” — but that’s not the end of her social media stardom, by far.

It seems that Poarch has even gone on to surpass Charli in views, earning nearly twice the amount of views over her as shown by their stats, reported by journalist Chris Stokel-Walker: 48.1 million to 27.3 million.

That’s not all; Poarch doesn’t even have nearly the amount of videos that Charli has, only having uploaded 83 at the time of writing compared to Charli’s stout 1,500.

While both creators offer different content — Bella becoming famous for lip syncing and Charli gaining notoriety for dancing — some onlookers are getting antsy that this could mean a swift defeat for the current queen of TikTok.

However, Charli’s fanbase is large and vocal, and it seems that Poarch’s content has become a subject of division online, with many failing to understand how her seemingly simple lipsyncing video could get so many likes (just check the comments on the original TikTok).