Jeffree Star exposes his ex-boyfriend for allegedly stealing from him

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Jeffree Star and Andre Marhold pose for an affectionate photo.

[jwplayer mgzBNoPb]YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star hasn’t exactly been shy about advertising his relationship with pro basketball player Andre Marhold — but it looks like this latest romance is coming to a nasty end on social media.

Following his highly-publicized split from long term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in January, Star began seeing basketball pro Andre Marhold in August, which spurred its own controversy after some critics accused Star of being a homewrecker.

Claiming that Marhold was already married and that his wife had allegedly stated his involvement with Star had “ruined the whole family,” Star was quick to hit back against these accusations, arguing that Marhold has “never been married. He’s not married. I didn’t steal anyone’s f**king husband.”

However, it looks like the tide has suddenly turned, as Star and Marhold appear to be on not-so-friendly terms.

Jeffree Star and Andre Marhold pose together for a selfie.
Star has since deleted all photos with Marhold after the alleged theft.

An Instagram comment from Jeffree Star on Marhold’s profile, made on September 30, alleges that the athlete had stolen items from Star’s home — flinging a few insults, in the process.

“Hey!” Star wrote. “Since you can’t answer the phone right now, can you give me all the stuff back that you stole from my house? What kind of lowlife f**king scum does that? Give it back! If you need a return label, just ask!”

Jeffree Star accuses ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold of stealing from him.
Jeffree Star has seemingly accused ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold of stealing from him, as told by this Instagram comment.

While Marhold has yet to provide a direct response to his ex’s claims, he did seem to hit back at the issue in a few posts on his backup Instagram account, posting to his Story: “F**k all that.”

Andre Marhold seems to respond to Jeffree Stars' accusations.
Marhold’s pointed Instagram Story could be a response to Star’s accusations.

That’s not all; Marhold also posted a video of himself flexing in his designer clothes with the caption, “Reading yall DMs & comments, hilarious.”

It seems that Marhold is completely unbothered by Star’s insinuations that he’d stolen from him, if his posts are anything to go by, although Star’s fans are a completely different situation altogether.

Despite the hullabaloo, some fans and fellow influencers are questioning if the purported theft even happened, as rapper CupkakKe alleged that she saw the couple leaving a gas station together.

Star has since addressed the matter in a series of videos via his Instagram Story, claiming that Marhold presented himself as “a whole different person” than who he “really was.”

He went on to insinuate that he’d discovered Mahrold had no job and no money in the bank, after which he promptly dropped him, after which some of his designer items mysteriously went missing.

Star even hit out at trolls who praised the theft, claiming there’s a “special place in hell” for those who celebrate “bad news for anyone.”

While Star didn’t exactly name Mahrold, his story heavily appears to center around the basketball pro, also claiming that “the person” in question wouldn’t answer his calls and instead posted on his Instagram — a claim that lines up with Star’s initial comment.

Marhold has since responded to Star’s accusations, threatening to release information that could “ruin” his career. Amidst the drama, he posted a handful of Instagram stories before quickly removing them. “Shall I tell the people?” Marhold first asked. He threatened Star with a strict 60-minute deadline to remove various posts on Snapchat or else information would be revealed.

Instagram Jefree Star ex
The first of many threats from Star’s newest ex.

These threats landed Marhold in even hotter water as Star reached back out to remind him of a Non-Disclosure agreement he had signed during their relationship. “My lawyer screenshotted your threats,” Star outlined. “I don’t get why you won’t just give me back my stuff. You put my health at risk and all I showed you was respect.”

Marhold IG story
Marhold didn’t hold back when reminded of his NDA.

Despite this reminder of his legally binding agreement, Marhold didn’t stop there. “Let’s just say this is going to ruin you,” he continued. Moments later and the threats came to fruition as Marhold revealed a shocking accusation that Star had cheated on his previous ex.

“Your last guy [Nathan Schwandt] left because you f***ed his close friend, that’s sad.”

Marhold IG story
Marhold accused Star of cheating on his former partner.

The two have continued to trade blows online throughout the day, though this was the final remark at the time of writing. We’ll be sure to keep you updated if any further accusations come to light.


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