Twitch streamer makes pizza delivery driver’s day with huge tip from subs

Sweatcicle Twitch Streamer Delivery Driver Tip Wholesome Moment Final With LogoTwitch / Sweatcicle

In an unplanned act of kindness, Twitch streamer ‘Sweatcicle’ made a pizza delivery driver’s day by leaving her with a massive tip on his order — all of which was donated by subscribers in his community.

Content creators and their communities often team up for good causes — usually with some entertaining twists and incentives involved as well.

Whether it’s a charity subathon on Twitch, or a dedicated philanthropy channel on YouTube, creators have put up some impressive numbers (even into the millions) when working for a good cause.

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Some acts of kindness come in the spur of the moment, however, as was the case with Twitch partner Sweatcicle‘s stream on October 23, where he made a pizza delivery driver’s day by giving them a generous tip — fully covered by members of his community.

Sweatcicle Twitch Streamer Delivery Driver Tip Wholesome MomentTwitch / Sweatcicle
Sweatcicle brought the delivery driver on-stream to meet his community.

During his broadcast, the Destiny creator decided to order some pizza, but with a slight twist: he promised his community that any subscriptions received in the time before placing his order would be donated to the pizza delivery driver as tip money.

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Sweatcicle’s fans didn’t disappoint, and raised over $70 dollars in just a couple of minutes — a substantial tip for a single pizza delivery order. The streamer’s kindness didn’t stop there, however.

When his pizza arrived, he welcomed the delivery driver into his home, and brought her on-stream to share the moment with his community.

As the driver entered his streaming room, Sweatcicle introduced her to his viewers: “That’s all thanks to the people in chat,” he said with a smile, pointing to his computer screen.

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“You guys paid my electric bill!” the driver exclaimed, looking at Twitch chat. “You guys are great, you guys are awesome,” she continued, thanking them profusely. “Thank you so much. You guys rock.”

Sweatcicle also thanked his community for the kind gesture as the delivery driver made her exit. “I’m shaking!” she exclaimed as she shook Sweatcicle’s hand on her way out the door.

Twitch can be a source of contention for both streamers and viewers, but Sweatcicle’s act of kindness is another reminder of how often creators and their communities will go out of their way to brighten someone’s day — even if it’s just a simple tip on an order of pizza.

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