Twitch streamer goes viral as kids take over IRL stream in most wholesome way ever

Shay Robson
Twitch: MissCoookiez

A Twitch streamer was met with a wholesome moment during her October 9 broadcast as a group of kids adorably took over her stream to create a viral highlight.

There’s complete uncertainty of what could happen in an IRL (in-real-life) stream as you’re relying on members of the public to behave and not do anything crazy.

Sometimes streamers are left in bizarre situations, like being chased by a drunk man or having their phone stolen and stream hijacked.

Though what you don’t expect to see in an IRL stream is for it taken over by children, which is what happened to MissCoookiez during her painting stream in a public park.

MissCoookiez is currently celebrating her 8-year Twitch anniversary.

MissCoookiez is currently celebrating her 8-year stream anniversary with an uncapped subathon, and on day 13 of the never-ending stream, the artist wanted to paint outdoors. The stream was going just as expected until two small unexpecting guests arrived.

Curious and a bit hesitant, two children appeared on the stream and brought a spark of enthusiasm. 300 viewers were watching live as the two kids adorably played with their toys and greeted the chat.

One of the children even asked the viewers to subscribe to the channel, offering his ketchup packet from McDonald’s for anyone that subscribes. The kid was also offering a hefty cash reward too: “If you subscribe to the channel, you’ll get $1 million dollars!”

The interaction has since gone viral across Twitch and social media, with the clip accumulating over 130,000 views. “Maybe the cutest thing I’ve seen,” said one Redditor, with another saying: “This was one of the most wholesome feelgood clips I’ve seen on here in a very god damn long time.”

Viewers are usually accustomed to scary situations or unfortunate slip-ups when watching IRL streams, but this heartwarming clip is a complete polar opposite of what usually goes viral.