Pokimane reveals biggest fear about streaming too much

Twitch's stream queen says she has no interest in joining an esports org.Twitch: Pokimane

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has taken breaks from social media and streaming in the past, and now she’s opened up on her biggest fears about streaming too much moving forward. 

With a gigantic following across social media, Pokimane has a legion of avid fans waiting for her to go live on Twitch or post updates about her life.

While some Twitch streamers go hardcore on streaming every day for 12+ hours, Poki has found spots in her schedule to take breaks – be that having a shorter stream than normal or just having a full day away from the grind.

Joining fellow OfflineTV member Disguised Toast to dive into all things creating, the streamer streaming took a moment to get personal about her career.

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Pokimane is one of Twitch’s most-watched female broadcasters.

Pokimane reveals her biggest fears

Streaming, unsurprisingly, is a huge time constraint. With followers waiting in the wings in hopes of at least a few hours of entertainment, continuously streaming can take a toll. For Pokimane, one of her biggest fears when it comes to creating is “developing some kind of a crazy health issue.”

As streaming requires to be mostly stationary, Pokimane fears it could “take many years off my life because of what we do.” Speaking on the competitive nature of content creation, Pokimane added that “if you wanna be an xQc, or a Hasan or whatever, you stream 10 hours a day.”

“I’m legit not built like that bro,” the streamer added when it came down to her ability to stream for an intense amount of time.

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Questioning the usage of caffeine or even medicate assistance (which isn’t advised) to endure long hours on stream, Pokimane quizzed: “it is even possible to do that without health percussions?”

“There’s got to be way more,” Poki commented back to Toast, as they pondered the long-term physical effects of streaming.

As noted, Imane has taken a few breaks from Twitch in the past, and there might be more to come.