Streamer threatens Twitch with legal action after “entire payout” stolen

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Tragedy has fallen upon a streamer as they claim their account information was changed, resulting in someone stealing their payout. Worst of all, Twitch is now refusing to pay them.

‘Killadelphia’ is a content creator who primarily streams Call of Duty on Twitch, boasting a following of over 9,000 on the platform.

The streamer has been critical of Twitch recently, however, due to issues involving his payout after he claims his account was hacked and his payout information changed.

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Now, he’s threatening legal action on Twitter over the matter.

twitch logo on money in backgroundTwitch/Unsplash: Sharon McCutcheon
Getting paid is a key part of the process for streamers, especially those relying on the payouts for basic needs.

Twitch streamer claims “entire payout” was stolen

On October 15, Killadelphia first tweeted about issues surrounding his Twitch account, claiming that someone had logged in and changed his payout information.

Since then, the streamer has tweeted several times, tagging the streaming platform in an attempt to get clarity on the issue.

After eventually reaching out to and getting an answer from Twitch Support, Killadelphia was less than pleased with the response, screenshotting the email and again tagging the platform.

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This culminated into a final tweet where he claims that he is considering legal action against Twitch over the payout debacle.

Others in the replies shared much of Killadelphia’s frustration with Twitch, some even expressing that they had the same issues getting paid.

This problem seems to be somehow linked to streamer’s PayPal accounts that are linked to Twitch. However, it is unclear exactly how hackers are able to get past 2-step verification to make these changes.

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This issue, along with Twitch’s recent earnings leak, combine to create a tough situation for the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

Killadelphia was asked to comment on the situation, but as of the time of this article’s publication has yet to respond to the request.

We will continue to provide updates on this particular story, as well as any updates if this issue were to become widespread.

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