YouTuber Ranboo raises $325,000 in Charity Twitch subathon stream

Ranboo Charity streamYouTube: Ranboo

Minecraft star and YouTuber Ranboo raised over $325,000 during a 16-hour charity subathon on Twitch, reaching a peak of over 116,000 subscribers.

With over 3.2 million subscribers on YouTube and nearly 3.7 million followers on Twitch, it’s safe to say Ranboo has a huge and passionate audience.

So, on August 21, instead of gearing up for a normal stream, he decided he was going to raise some money for charity by hosting a 16-hour subathon where all donations go to Charity: Water.

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In the end, the stream was an overwhelming success with Ranboo and his audience raising an unbelievable amount of money for charity.

Ranboo YouTubeInstagram: Ranboo
Ranboo is primarily known for his Minecraft content.

Ranboo raises $325,000 for charity during Twitch subathon

From start to finish, Ranboo’s viewers continued to subscribe and donate to the cause, with him receiving over 25,000 new subs just over three hours into the stream.

By hour 16, Ranboo had managed to rack up over 60,000 new subscribers in a single day, raising over $325,000 for Charity: Water. Not only that, he broke his own all-time subscriber record with it hitting a peak of over 116,000.

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The day after the subathon, Ranboo took to Twitter to thank his audience and let them know how much of an impact their money would have.

“Together we were able to raise around 325000 dollars… That’s funding about 32 entire communities to have clean water”.

It was only back in February of 2021 that Ranboo and his fans raised over $100,000 for the Trevor Project, so it’s incredible that he’s managed to raise three times that amount in this subathon.

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It’s always great to see huge personalities worth together with their audience to support a great cause and lend a hand to those who need it most.

It’ll be interesting to see if Ranboo has any more plans for future charity streams and whether he can beat his all-time subscriber record once again.

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