Twitch bans GeorgeNotFound permanently again for “harassment” in his username

Calum Patterson
GeorgeNotFound banned from Twitch

Minecraft YouTuber and streamer GeorgeNotFound has been banned from Twitch – for a second time in 24 hours – for what Twitch is now calling “harassment via username.”

George’s main channel, which has just under 3 million followers, is still available, but Twitch rules mean that he will not be able to stream on that account either, as it would be considered ban evasion.

The username of his alt account was simply ‘ThisIsGeorgeNotFound’. On March 13, he was banned indefinitely for having an “inappropriate username.” Then, on March 14, he has been banned again – with the rule now changed to “harassment via username.”

The ban is indefinite, and so George will need to appeal before he’s allowed back on the platform, unless Twitch realizes a mistake and corrects it.

GeorgeNotFound banned for Twitch username

GeorgeNotFound revealed the ban and its reason on his second Twitter account, joking “MY NAME IS TOO INAPPROPRIATE. SORRY GUYS I MESSED UP :(”

The ban email states “based on a review of your activity or content, we have issued a Community Guidelines strike on your account. Due to the severe nature of this violation, or the fact that you’ve incurred multiple violations, your access to Twitch services is indefinitely restricted.” The reason was then simply stated as “using an inappropriate username.”

GeorgeNotFound banned again

Then, on March 14, the same channel was hit with another ban, surprising for another username-related issue, and once again the ban was indefinite.

This time, the reason given was more explanatory. Twitch claims that the username either ‘explicitly insults another user,’ ‘threatens negative action towards another user,’ or promotes self-harm in conjunction with malicious chat activity, such as telling another user to kill themselves.’

One possibility is that Twitch is unaware that this is in fact George’s alt account, and believes it to be an imposter pretending to be him.

Other streamers have also been mistakenly banned for their usernames in the past, before Twitch eventually overturned them.

Twitch apologized after banning a streamer with the name Pajja_, a word that has a colloquial meaning in Spanish.

However, other streamers who have been banned permanently for seemingly innocuous usernames have still not been unbanned, so there are no guarantees.

GeorgeNotFound was also banned from TikTok in February, but it was reinstated within hours.

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