IRL Twitch streamer’s attempt at barbecuing ends in fiery disaster

Michael Gwilliam

Korean Twitch sensation Jinny showed everyone at home why using a cardboard box as a barbecue cover is never a good idea.

After preparing a chicken with her father during a May 12 broadcast, the streamer brought the meat outside to put on the barbecue, but was shocked to see her dad use a box as a cover.

The reason Jinny’s dad used the box was due to the traditional cover being too small and unable to fit on top of the bird.

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Putting a cardboard box on a barbecue is a bad idea.

Right off the bat, Jinny’s chat tried warning the IRL streamer about how dangerous this could be, with the possibility of the box catching on fire – especially so close to her house.

“Fire incoming!” one viewer wrote. “Jinny, your dad is an actual Pepega,” another half-joked.

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Unfortunately, the streamer didn’t heed her chat’s warnings, and mere moments later, the box was engulfed in flames.

“Remove it!” she cried as her father lifted the box from the grill.

With the box completely ablaze and pieces of flaming cardboard flying around, it was fortunate that neither Jinny or her father were burned.

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“From now on, I’m not trusting dad,” she laughed as her parent readied to clean up the mess of ash left on the patio.

While her dad raked the ash with a garden tool, Jinny translated some amusing words from her father.

“He said it’s fortunate that mom is not here,” she laughed. “Because if mom was here, we’re all dead. Don’t tell mom!”

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Despite the disaster, the chicken seemed to be unharmed by the box mishap, but still in need of some extra cooking.

Eventually, Jinny and her family were able to eat the chicken, but they learned a valuable lesson about barbecuing with cardboard boxes in the process: Don’t.

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