GrossGore responds to “sexual predator” accusations

Bill Cooney

Twitch streamer GrossGore has responded to allegations of being a “sexual predator” that surfaced on social media over the weekend.

On March 12, GrossGore posted a photo to the r/RoastMe subreddit, then quickly deleted it just a couple of hours later after allegations of him being a “sexual predator” started to appear.

A list of allegations was also compiled a pastebin of everything that the streamer has been accused of over the years.

Multiple Twitter users, including @EVEVE24, posted about their alleged interactions with the streamer over the years as well, including claims he had sexually harassed them, sent his fans after them, and more.

On March 13, the UK-based streamer posted a new video on YouTube defending himself from the accusations after deleting the post, which he said was “getting out of control.”

“This isn’t me. There are some disgusting things from my past and I can promise you that’s not who I am today. I look back, I cringe, I get embarrassed and I regret so much,” Ali said in the video. “This pastebin has been floating around for a long time now and I thought I need to address this.”

Despite the opinion a lot of people were sharing — that GrossGore is just cleaning up his act as he finds new popularity on Twitch — the streamer claimed that was not the case.

“I know some people might not forgive me. I want you to understand that some people do change, I’ve learnt a lot over the years and I have a positive mindset now,” Ali said. “Some people out there believe I’ve only changed because of the new Twitch ToS, but that’s not true, I’ve acted stupid and crazy in the past for attention, because I thought no one would like watching me for who I am.”

Not long after the video was posted, streamer Celestia Vega posted a multiple-tweet response to it in a thread. Vega and Ali used to date before the two broke up in 2016, and the fallout of drama soon spread throughout social media.

“I’m the actual person that everybody’s speaking about, so it would probably be helpful to actually consult me,” she wrote.

GrossGore has been banned multiple times in the past by Twitch, but has recently been seeing an upsurge in popularity and viewer count on the site.

Whether these accusations will lead to more action by Twitch or any other social media remains to be seen.

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