IRL streamer saves unwitting tourist from uncomfortable situation / Robcdee, Twitter

Popular IRL Twitch streamer “Robcdee” was walking down the streets of Tokyo, Japan when he noticed a foreign bystander being accosted by a woman — but this wasn’t your average “scam.”

Robcdee is a popular “English born, Australian raised” IRL streamer based out of Japan, best known for his walks throughout Tokyo’s bustling nightlife scene and interactions with the locals.

However, it’s not just the “city pop” aesthetic that has viewers tuning in: robcdee’s broadcasts often capture unexpected material, including some jaw-dropping and blush-inducing moments for those not used to the area.
Tokyo-based streamer “robcdee” often broadcasts his nights out on the town, coming across a seriously uncomfortable situation for a tourist.

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Robcdee experienced one such moment during a January 25 stream, during one of his famous nighttime walks.

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As he made his way down the street, he passed by a foreign man outside of a convenience store, who appeared to be looking at his phone. The tourist wasn’t alone, either: a woman was standing nearby, trying to speak to him, although her words were muffled by the surrounding noise.

“She’s asking to give him a handj*b,” the streamer realized before butting into her efforts to save the tourist from an uncomfortable interaction.

“Hey man!” he greeted. “You doin’ alright? This is my friend.”

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It seems that the woman was immediately aware of what was going on, and instantly fled the scene, apparently not too keen on being filmed trying to accost a stranger.

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Robcdee went on to ask the stranger (who turned out to be a fellow Australian) if he was alright, who revealed that he was trying to make it back to his Airbnb.

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Although it’s unclear if the tourist was drunk or not, Rob managed to point him in the right direction, and the two parted ways quite amicably.

This isn’t the first time rob has caught a shocking scene on his stream, by far: in fact, he accidentally filmed a man emptying his bladder in the street, after at first confusing his kneeling stance for prayer.

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Luckily, the streamer was in the right place at the right time to help out an unsuspecting tourist, giving his viewers some unintended entertainment, in the meantime.