QTCinderella slams Twitch hot tub streamers for encouraging sexism

Michael Gwilliam
QTCinderella hot tub stream on TwitchPixabay/Twitch/QTCinderella

Twitch star QTCinderella has hit out at fellow streamers with accusations of making life miserable for her when they do hot tub broadcasts and tolerate comments she views as sexist.

During a recent livestream, QTCinderella was caught off guard when someone in her chat randomly asked for sexual content, sending the streamer on a massive rant where she took aim at others on the platform.

After ripping the viewer for expecting that type of content, she asked him if he even realized how sexist that was.

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“You’d never go into Mizkif’s channel… you’d never go into some random guy’s channel and say ‘where’s [that] content?’ But you go to random girls’ channels and you say that,” the streamer explained.

“Do you realize that I stream on Twitch?” she added. “I don’t stream on other websites because I don’t want to show my coochie. Are we on the same page here?”

Following this, QTCinderella revealed how part of the problem stems from other female streamers and the content they produce on Twitch.

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“Just because some female streamers do things really sets other female streamers up for bulls**t. And it f**king pisses me off!” she exclaimed. “I’m all about getting that bread. I am. I’m like ‘yes queen, do the hot tub stream, but please don’t do it on Twitch.’”

Indiefoxx pool stream in a bikiniTwitch/Indiefoxx
Some streamers specialize in a certain type of IRL content.

“It makes my life miserable!” she continued. “Then I have people coming from your chat where they see your hot t*ts covered in bubbles to my chat asking to see mine. But we don’t do that here!”

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In the chat, other users agreed with her perspective, with one LGBTQ+ viewer remarking that she hasn’t streamed out of worries of homophobia and sexual harassment.

“Yeah, it’s rough. It’s insane. I wish Twitch was better about that. I really do,” she said. Furthermore, she suggested that Amazon made a completely different site dedicated to that kind of content.

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