Twitch streamer blasted for banning “disgusting” viewers over small donations


Twitch streamer ‘Katsplay’ is being roasted all over social media after a clip that showed her asking moderators to ban viewers for donating less than a dollar started spreading online.

It’s normal for Twitch streamers to thank viewers for donations, regardless of the amount, just for appreciating their content enough to pay for it. This wasn’t the case for Katsplay, though, as she expressed extreme disdain for those in her chat who weren’t donating enough, in her eyes.

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On March 15, a video clip of the streamer calling her viewers “disgusting” started spreading on Twitter, with many upset with how she conducted herself on the platform.

“I’m going to f***ing ban you if you donate less than 10 bits,” Katsplay said. “If you can’t afford to f***ing subscribe to my channel, f***ing leave! I f***ing hate you guys.”

It’s unclear if the streamer was familiar with the actual value of bits, as 10 bits equals out to being about $0.10. Nonetheless, her rant continued on, where she accused viewers of not being able to “afford” her channel and content.

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“They’re disgusting! I’m sorry if they’re f***ing disgusting and they can’t afford more than one dollar. F***ing ban them, I’m serious!” she added. “They can’t even afford one f***ing dollar. I don’t want poor people in my f***ing chat.”

She went on to change her evaluation, demanding her mods to ban any viewer who donated less than 100 bits. “I don’t want them here. They’re poor,” she said.

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Her remarks have not gone over well with the general Twitch community. The original uploader of the now-viral clip wrote, “I’m totally fine with girls doing their thing on Twitch, but this girl shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the platform.”

“Yes, she may be drunk but come on, she’s vile,” ArkhamD4 added.

“I can’t believe I used to follow her. I’m ashamed for her. Disgusting behavior, not to mention incredibly annoying,” another remarked.

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Others, however, weren’t so quick to pass judgment, and think this is just part of her Twitch routine. “People pay a lot of money to be mistreated by women. And people pay even more money to have women tell them exactly what to with their money. Look up FinDom financial domination,” one viewer hypothesized.

Katsplay isn’t the first streamer to come under fire for attacking viewers for low donations, by far; Notably, fellow streamer Invadervie gained an equal amount of criticism after claiming that viewers who couldn’t afford a $10 subscription shouldn’t have been watching her stream.

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So far, the backlash doesn’t seem to be getting Katsplay down, as she has even thanked those criticizing her for giving her “clout.” Only time will tell if the streamer will come forward to apologize as viewers continue to express distain regarding her viral rant.

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