Tayler Holder responds to Charly Jordan & Logan Paul dating rumors: “I just hope she’s happy”

Tayler Holder wants Charly Jordan to be happy Logan Paul rumorsYouTube: Hollywood Life, Charly Jordan

TikTok star and music artist Tayler Holder parted ways from girlfriend Charly Jordan in March — but now that there are rumors she’s dating Logan Paul, fans have been curious to see if they’ll ever get back together.

Jordan and Holder first got together in October 2020, revealing the news in a humorous and long-awaited Q&A video.

It looks like things weren’t to last for this influencer couple, though, as they broke up about five months later ahead of Tayler’s reality show.

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While it seemed that the couple initially ended their relationship on good terms, things quickly got heated between them after Jordan claimed that her side of the breakup wasn’t portrayed in the show, and even threatened to “quit” social media amid the fallout. This prompted the two to have an all-out war via Instagram stories — but it seems she’s already moved on, if rumors are to be believed.

In late April, Charly was spotted with Logan Paul on multiple occasions, causing fans to speculate that the two might be romantically involved (although there’s no confirmation from the duo, themselves).

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Jordan was also seen hanging with Logan Paul’s group at the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight, with many believing that she also traveled with him to New York.

In wake of these rumors, paparazzi from Hollywood Life approached Tayler Holder a week later, asking how he felt about his ex-girlfriend potentially dating a Paul brother — and whether or not they might ever get back together.

“At the end of the day bro, I just hope she’s happy,” Holder said of the situation. “Who knows what God has in the future? I think she’s amazing, bro. She has a lot of great things about her. I think it was just maybe bad timing at the moment, and that’s completely okay.”

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For now, Holder is focusing on his upcoming fight for the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event, where he is slated to face off against an as-yet unnamed opponent — oh, and riding around Los Angeles on his brand-new motorcycle, too.