TikTok houses: Hype House members, Clubhouse, more

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The phenomenon of a house for online creators to live together and collaborate isn’t new. Before the Hype House, there was Team 10, Clout House, and Vlog Squad. But new houses for TikTok’s biggest stars are popping up all the time.

Here is an updated list of all the TikTok collectives you need to know about, what they do and who their members are, in Los Angeles and beyond.


Hype House

Half of the Hype HouseInstagram: HypeHouseLA
The Hype House is still growing

The Hype House, which started in December, is the most popular TikTok collective comprising some of the most followed TikTokers ever. Addison Rae currently stands as the second most followed creator on the app, while Chase Hudson continues to climb the follower ladder. The group has recently moved out of their prior home, the former Clout House in Los Angeles, and make dance and lip-sync videos.

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While Tayler Holder is still a member of the Hype House, he has since moved out with Nate, Kellyanne, and a few others. Although these two groups live separately, they are still described as being members.

You can use our Hype House guide to find out everything you need to know about the group’s members.


  • Thomas Petrou
  • Avani Gregg
  • Addison Rae
  • Chase Hudson
  • Tony Lopez
  • Ondreaz Lopez
  • Nick Austin
  • Alex Warren
  • Wyatt Xavier
  • Ryland Storms
  • Michael Sanzone
  • Kouvr Annon
  • Calvin Goldby
  • James Wright
  • Jack Wright
  • Larri ‘Larray’ Merritt
  • Olivia Ponton
  • Kelianne Stankus
  • Mia Hayward
  • Nate Wyatt
  • Vinnie Hacker
  • Hootie Hurley
  • Tayler Holder

Sway LA

The Sway House collectiveInstagram: SwayLA
The Sway House recently lost Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler

Sway is a group of male TikTokkers living in Los Angeles and they often collaborate with members of the Hype House. The boys are known for creating mischief, lip-syncing, and dancing. Former members include Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler, who left to pursue their music careers.

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The boys moved in together back in January 2020. In December 2020, however, rumors of the Sway House closing down were rife, much to fans’ dismay. Some of the house’s top creators, including Bryce Hall, removed Sway House from their Instagram profiles.

With Gray tweeting ‘all good things must come to an end’, it was looking grim for the hit creator house. Bryce Hall has since squashed this as a fervent rumor, claiming all of Sway’s members are still in the group.

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Sway House’s TikTok is relatively inactive these days, though. Despite this, their Instagram continues to be active, and the members still live and hang out together.

Many of the house’s members also live in what they’re referring to as the ‘Triller House’ – but this doesn’t seem to be a name that has stuck.


  • Noah Beck
  • Kio Cyr
  • Bryce Hall
  • Josh Richards
  • Griffin Johnson
  • Anthony Reeves
  • Nick Bean
  • Quinton Griggs
  • Blake Gray

Clubhouse BH

Clubhouse BH TikTokInstagram: theclubhousebh
Members Michelle, Ava, and Devyn.

After Daisy Keech fell out with members of the Hype House, she left and formed Clubhouse BH with Abby Rao. However, the brand now looks very different from how it started with an entirely new group of members that seem to regularly turn over.

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Clubhouse BH is also the overarching brand that runs content houses Just A House, Dance Dome, and Society Las Vegas. Additionally, they have created ‘Clubhouse Explore’, an account adjacent to Clubhouse where they document their travels.


  • Devyn Kohl
  • Michelle Kenelly
  • Gabriella Saraivah
  • Lindsay Brewer
  • Ava Tortorici
  • Austin Mahone

The V@ult House

The Vault collective houseInstagram: The Vault
The Vault is run by talent agency Six Degrees of Influence

The V@ult is a TikTok house launched in mid-April 2020, and is run by talent agency Six Degrees of Influence. The creators have previously collaborated with Danielle Cohn and former Disney star Kyle Massey.


  • Mason Patterson
  • Nina Eastman
  • Cyprien
  • Maile Hammahz
  • Kiera Vanias
  • Rave Vanias
  • Magic.Mikke
  • Bryce Mckenzie
  • Jabez Vill
  • Carlos Mena
  • Xophie D

The Vibe Crew

Kids Only TikTok House Vibe CrewInstagram: Walker Bryant
Kids only TikTok house, the Vibe Crew

The Vibe Crew is a kids only addition to the TikTok scene. Modeled off of the TikTok houses format made popular by well-known groups such as Hype House and Sway House, they are best known for their dancing videos.

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  • Elliana Walmsley
  • GiaNina Paolantonio
  • Indi Star
  • Ava Kolker
  • Merrick Hanna
  • Lexy Kolker
  • Stefan Benz
  • JD McCrary
  • Artyon Celestine
  • Akira Akbar
  • Lexi Soleil Hernandez
  • Evan Hernandez
  • Madison Rojas

Wave House

Wave house members posing with two carsInstagram: thewavehouse
Members of the previous Wave House posing with two cars in monochromatic looks.

Wave House, a UK-based creator group, gained traction on TikTok after their bizarre influencer reveals, where the stars were unveiled using jewel-encrusted masks in a series of videos staged at their £5 million mansion. All members of the first house were “eliminated,” and replaced in a second “season.”

They’re up and running, and in a brand new pad, with a whole new slew of members. Two of the members are also from the US, which is a first for TikTok houses, to incorporate both British and American members.

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  • Ehiz Ufuah
  • Elouise Fouladgar
  • Zack Fairhurst
  • Reagan Yorke
  • James ‘Jimbo’ Hall

Icon House

Icon House posing in matchingInstagram: itsiconhouse
Icon House members posing in matching formal looks.

Icon house is a UK-based creator collective that launched in October 2020. The house came under fire for “copying” Wave House after revealing its creators one-by-one. It was formerly known as My House Ldn and has since rebranded after a scandal. Popular TikToker Kristen Scott, a former member of My House Ldn, accused one member of sending her sexual messages when she was underage.


  • Josh Ryan
  • Kelvin Clark
  • Max Catley
  • Callum Ryan
  • Milli Jo Mcloughlin
  • Megz Hana Mcloughlin

The Lab

The Lab content house stand together, dressed in hazmat suits to hide their face.Instagram: thelabcontenthouse
Members of The Lab were gradually revealed in a similar format to Wave House and Icon House.
Beginning in October 2020, the unique house had members introduce themselves dressed in hazmat suits. The content house took a break from posting in January but returned in March stating: “@seandoesmagic breaking in the new lab house. Sorry for the absence! Storytime soon!”
On May 5, Sean’s storytime detailed that the absence is due to an issue with the home that they previously rented, causing the team to instead focus their efforts on finding somewhere to live. After being granted close to $1 by Snapchat after their Spotlight submission, the team is now building a fully automated, high-tech home to film their content in.
  • Dominic Andre
  • Dominic Ditanna
  • Josette Pimenta (calls herself “CEO of Positivity”)
  • Joe Albanese, house co-founder
  • Chrissy Marshall
  • Mary Noura
  • Mikaila Murphy
  • Mary Noura, Palestinian and Lebanese
  • Anna DeGuzman, a magician
  • Paige Zilba, a beatboxer
  • Mason Barns, wildlife-centered content creator
  • Piques; actor, singer, and producer. Rose to fame in the previously popular app, Vine.
  • Julia Daniella Fitt; fitness-based TikToker with a health-based website.
  • Vincent Marcus, comedian, beatboxer, and impressionist.
  • Merrick Hanna, America’s Got Talent dancing contestant who reached the semifinals.
  • Nate Snook, Basketball player
  • Josh Vanbatenburg
  • SeanDoesMagic, a magician with 18 million followers.

Honey House

Honey House pictured together on a lawn outside of their homeInstagram: honeyhousetv
Honey House claims to be the ‘oldest’ of all the TikTok houses

Honey House claims to be the “oldest” TikTok house as they’re a group of Millennials rather than Gen Z. As well as this, they’re also all couples (hence the name).

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These content creators appeal to a slightly older crowd, but haven’t posted anything on their platform since the end of January. While their bio now says “Season 3 Miami coming soon”, nothing has been posted as of yet.


  • Erin Falter
  • Chris Focus
  • Sami Clarke
  • JT Barnett
  • Reana Jenkins
  • Jarick Walker
  • Mayra Gutierrez
  • Nick Dio
  • Dina Houry
  • Nick Pags
  • EvanFitness
  • Beatriz Boas
  • Ryan Foss-Skiftesvik
  • Jens Barnett
  • Lindsey Alvarrez
  • Caleb Alvarezz
  • Jared Smith

Clubhouse Europe

Clubhouse Europe household members posing on an old, dilapidated tractorInstagram: clubhouseeurope
Clubhouse Europe is continuing to grow quickly.

Clubhouse Europe is an offshoot of Clubhouse BH and is already making waves. Living on the island of Malta, the all-girl household has a huge following.

Showcasing the beauty and golden-hour picture-perfect scenery of the island, these instant influencer it-girls are ones to watch.

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  • Amber Woods
  • Joao Coronel
  • Henry Galea
  • Sarah Grech
  • Sarah Alfalah
  • Jade Sammut
  • Martha Micallef

The Rangerz

Rangerz House dressed as Power RangersInstagram: thetiktokrangerz
The Rangerz are already making a splash on social media.

After posting their first video to TikTok on October 14, the group has quickly grown in popularity. Originally showcasing themselves on social media as Power Rangers, they did a slow reveal in TikToks to showcase the members. Prior to their face reveal, they collaborated with big industry names such as Lizzo, King Bach, DanRue, and Nathan Davis Jr.


  • Davonte Casa
  • Chazz Fisher
  • Ajani Huff
  • Ayzha Nyree
  • Jean-Victor
  • Tosha
  • Jonathan Madrid
  • Hugh Jefe
  • Nupur Sharma

Pride House

One of the newest houses to arise, Pride House is based in LA. Having collaborated with superstar sensation JoJo Siwa, the house is already making waves within the community.

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A house that fully consists of members within the LGBTQIA+ sphere, Pride House stands out amongst the crowd of other houses.


  • Kent Boyd, actor and dancer
  • Jeka Jain, trans man, dancer, and husband of Mollee Gray.
  • Garrett Clayton, actor and singer with a history on the Disney Channel
  • Mollee Gray, fellow star of Teen Beach and its sequel alongside Garrett and Kent

Just a House

Not a Content House in their first video as Just a House

Just a House was originally the Not a Content House, but after most of the members left following accusations of misconduct against management, the girls made it clear that NACH was no longer active.

Originally, after some members of staff were “removed” from the management company, five of the girls returned to form this newer version of the house.

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Now, however, it seems as if the group is set to dissolve. Their social media pages have been deleted, and Devyn Winkler announced over on TikTok that the house was “over”, stating that they are moving on to “new beginnings.”


  • Devyn Winkler
  • Emma Brooks
  • Sab Quesada
  • Anna Shumate
  • Eva Cudmore
  • Mads Lewis

The 615 House

The 615 House TikTokInstagram: the615house
This TikTok house is full of talented musicians who perform together

The 615 House is a group of country musicians that live together in Nashville. Standing apart from many of the content houses out there, they perform, write and collaborate together.


  • Cooper Alan
  • Priscilla Block
  • Bonner Black
  • Thomas Mac
  • Sammy Arriaga
  • Tony Evans Jr.
  • Tigirlily
  • Alexandra Kay
  • Ashley Cooke
  • Chris Ruediger

Squad House

Squad House TikTokInstagram: squadhouseofficial
Squad House is split into three main parts.

Based predominantly in Miami but also with members in LA, Squad House is split into three main parts: Residents, virtual members, and gaming members. The content house also features a non-stop Twitch stream, which they claim is the first of its kind from a content house.

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  • Zayd Elie
  • Driplets (Triplets called Zalen, Kaleb, and Malek)
  • DameDamian
  • Korie McKennedy
  • Jaden Dunn

Virtual Members

  • Eva (from Beam Squad)
  • Trinity Morisette
  • Reif Brook
  • McKenzi Brook
  • The Lawyer (Anthony Barbuto)

Gaming Members

  • Austyn Brown
  • Cryssy
  • Tommy

Dobre House LA

Dobre House TikTokInstagram: dobrehousela
The Dobre House has a huge online following.

Dobre House is another LA-based creator group named after the Dobre twins who have a huge 29 million followers on TikTok, but they first found internet fame on their YouTube channel Lucas and Marcus where they have almost 24 million subscribers. They’re joined in their content house by their also internet-famous brothers Darius and Cyrus, and other famous friends.


  • Lucas Dobre
  • Marcus Dobre
  • Cyrus Dobre
  • Darius Dobre
  • Madeline Damskey
  • Ivanita Lomeli
  • Steve Perez
  • Christina Durante

Groups that have disbanded

Content houses that previously existed but now no longer post include:

  • KidsNextDoorLA
  • Shluv House
  • Clubhouse Next
  • Byte Squad
  • The House Nobody Asked For

We will continue to update this list as new houses emerge and members leave or join them, so make sure to check back often!

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