MrBeast reveals massive viral impact Squid Game video had on other YouTubers

Emma Hill
MrBeast Squid Game

YouTube star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson enjoyed enormous success with his Squid Game IRL recreation, but he wasn’t the only one. The content creator has shared that a number of his fellow YouTubers have also gone viral thanks to his sensational video.

MrBeast has been creating content for YouTube since he was 13. However, it’s only in recent times that his popularity has exploded, becoming one of the fastest-growing channels on the platform with 94.3 million subs, as of writing.

After his nearly 24-hour-long video of him counting to 100,000 went viral, Donaldson turned his eye to more ambitious and wild ideas. Just some of his content has included a $500k circle challenge, adopting every dog from a rehoming shelter, and buying the world’s largest mystery box.

However, it was his $3.5 million recreation of the hugely popular Netflix TV series Squid Game which really helped catapult him to global stardom. Not only did the video prove highly beneficial for Donaldson, but it also helped boost numbers for several other content creators, too.

MrBeast Squid game video goes viral
MrBeast’s recreation of Squid Game video proved particularly popular for the YouTuber

How MrBeast’s Squid Game helped other Youtubers

With 244 million views as of writing, Donaldson’s Squid Game video helped the YouTuber become a huge star on the platform. Building painfully accurate recreations of the sets seen in the South Korean TV show, Donaldson had contestants battle it out in a number of games as seen in the series to be the last player standing and win $456,000.

Then, in a Twitter post on April 23, Donaldson shared how he isn’t the only one who has been profiting from the video. Several other YouTubers have created content themed around their own experience of Donaldson’s Squid Game recreation and have gone to enjoy huge success.

For starters, William Osman’s ‘How I Almost Ruined MrBeast Squid Game‘ gained more than 5.4 million views for the creator. Along with SoKrispyMedia’s video on how it created the clip in just 10 days which earned 15 million views and Matthew Beem’s ‘I Built MrBeast’s Squid Game‘ which has 21 million.

MrBeast ‘loves’ the impact Squid Game had on others

Tweeting about the news on his Twitter page Donaldson said: “I love how the creators that helped us make squid game all got viral videos out of it.”

This certainly comes as no surprise as since hitting success Donaldson has openly tried to help boost the views for his fellow creators. Whether that’s letting them use his name to pull in the views or giving them some helpful advice.

With such a huge catalog of wild videos on offer, it might seem impossible for things to get any better for MrBeast. Yet, the YouTuber has promised that there is still something “bigger” to come.

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